Essential Tips When Applying for Commercial Truck Financing

One growing sector in the Australian market is truck financing because of the need for industries to get reliable transportation means. A truck is used for heavy lifting and hauling jobs requiring long-drives and interstate journeys. Also, truckie jobs have been increasingly becoming popular, with workers earning a per annum salary of $100,000 in the East and $150,000-$200,000 in Western Australia. Purchasing a truck with truck financing has various benefits like Immediate purchase (you don’t need to wait and save money), truck financing works tax deductions, Easy financing compared to traditional loans.

Because the market is booming, companies offer relocation incentives to fill vacancies on both sides of the country. But such a situation is significantly difficult for truck drivers who do not have a vehicle of their own. One practical way of owning your commercial vehicle is via truck finance where payments are made in reasonable instalments. There are 4 types of Commercial truck financing available. Those are New Commercial Vehicle Loan, Used Commercial Vehicle Loan, Balance Transfer and Top-Up Loan.

1. Always Consider your Financing Budgeting

Financing experts always stress the value of not defaulting on payments and how budgeting greatly helps fulfil your obligations. It means being able to get a clear view of how your business would operate so you can repay your monthly debts.

Loan affordability should always be considered, and having a realistic view of your business – both financially and stability-wise, is critical. A truck might be a sound investment, but it can take a major cut on your business’ finances.

Before getting a truck financed, always do a cost estimation to fully view how your business would fare. Mastering your budget will help your trucking service’s longevity because it allows you to have an excellent financial framework.

2. Opt for Lenders with a Solid Reputation

The Australian finance sector has a wide range of companies offering truck finance services. It can be hard to find one that suits your needs. Each of these institutions claims to be the best service providers with value-added features to entice applicants.

One critical consideration before signing a contract is to look at the different finance options being offered. It would allow you to make the best decisions without compromising your business.

Additionally, shopping around and considering different lenders would allow you to get a fair deal that works towards your financial capabilities. Knowledgeable truck finance experts are versed with client constraints and provide a workaround to close a suitable deal.

3. Compare the Financing Features

Not every truck financing product is the same and not every service provider can provide similar offers. When looking for the best truck finance features, always look for one that fits your capacities. Consider the interest rates and convenient features that provide terms flexibility. There may or may not be the option for full/part prepayment. The bank may apply some hidden charges as the loan processing fees.

A reputable truck financing service provider also provides fast and easy approval. These financial companies are known to help business owners, regardless of their companies’ size and credit history.

Fast and convenient processing always works to keep your trucking service up and running. Whether you own a sole trade, are self-employed, or run a small business, a simplified processing time always counts so you can focus on running your business.

Documents you required for Commercial Truck Financing

To process loan from the Financer you need minimal documents like Photo Identity Proof, Address Proof, Income Proof, Asset Related Documents (Pre-Sanction) and Asset Related Documents (Post-Disbursement). Your CIBIL Score must need to 650 or above. Age between 23 to 60 years can apply a vechicle loan. Advantages of taking a Truck Financing from a national bank gives financial facilities like Flexible Repayment Tenure, Multiple Vehicle Financing, Easy Processing, Simple Documentation, Caters to Multiple Needs and Customised Solutions.

Truck Financing FAQs

1. Can I avail a Truck Financing if I do not meet the eligibility criteria?

Ans. Yes. In this Case you need to apply Truck Financing with a co-applicant. Your friends or family mates.

2. Can I sell the Truck before I repay the loan?

Ans. No, you can’t sell your truck until entire loan amount has been repaid.

3. Do I need to provide a guarantor for availing a Truck Financing?

Ans. Yes, you will need a guarantor.

4. What is the tenure of the loan?

Ans. From 12 to 60 months depending upon the deal and your repayment capacity.

5. What are the documents I need to Submit to the Financing Company?

Ans. You need to submit Proof of Address (Passport or Voters ID), Bank Statement and 3 Passport Size photos.

6. What are the popular truck financing companies?

Ans. Some of the popular Truck financing companies are CAG Truck Capital, Truck Lenders USA, Wells Fargo, Balboa Capital, Shriram Finance Limited and Tata Motors Finance.


Looking for a financier to help you pay for a commercial truck is one good way of mitigating overall operational costs. Nonetheless, understand that you are having the vehicle financed and the truck will be the collateral. Being familiar with all the fine prints and tiny details will allow you to cruise through your loan terms informed and well prepared.