Reasons Why you Should Port Over page deleting pages Off of a PDF Online?

If you are tasked to do page removal off of a PDF, the default course of action to take is to do it in a dedicated, standalone PDF software. While that is a great solution to an existing dilemma, it’s not the most flexible, or at least the most versatile option. Going online, or porting over this mundane administrative task over the web is the better option.

Why? Well, in this article, we’ve narrowed down the reasons exactly why you shouldn’t be held hostage by the pre-installed PDF reader and editor you have on your work computer. You can’t be sitting on your desk this whole time, as there’s so much more to being an excellent corporate type than being tied down by your choices. Here are three reasons why you should do deleting pages off PDF online:

Secure page removal

One of the many concerns, and at least one of the top ones, with regards to the process of having to delete pages from PDF online, is security and privacy. Will the confidentiality of the files be intact? Will the information inside the PDFs be compromised? Is it safe? These are just some of the questions raised, and the short answer to those queries is that, yes, online uploading of files, even those confidential ones, is secure with PDF Bear’s Delete Pages From PDF application.

Most online repositories with browser-based PDF applications are SSL encrypted, meaning that the site has an additional layer of protection that won’t identify the exact location of where you are uploading the file. It won’t also open and read the uploaded file, because once you upload it to the repository, it’s secured and encrypted as well. As an additional preventive measure, all files are automatically deleted after an hour of uploading.

Supports a wide range of Formats and Devices

Another downside of relying on dedicated PDF readers and editors is that it needs a specific minimum requirement on specs. And while it is true that most laptops and work computers can handle it, it’s still is a memory-hog application. When you are deleting pages off of a PDF online, you don’t need anything other than a working browser. So even if you are accessing the site on smartphones, you still can effectively make the operation possible.

Browser-based web applications support a wide range of file formats as well. It can convert MS Office based files like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Since it is online, you won’t need to be strapped on your work computer to do the work – you can literally be anywhere in the world, and you still can access the site and perform edits. On a vacation but needs to contribute something to the office? With PDF applications online, you can easily do so without deleting pages of a PDF.

Easy and Efficient Use

Having an easy to access tool makes everything on your end better. With administrative jobs, efficiency is key in doing the most out of a given day, and with PDF applications online, you can have that easily. Let’s face it, the process of deleting a page from a PDF should not take too much of your time, and if we’re going, to be honest, it should just be less than 30 minutes tops, depending on how long the document actually is.

When you port over this task exclusively online, you won’t run the risk of being inflexible. You get to do the task effectively online, and from any device with a browser – which ultimately means, it will be a non-issue in terms of doability. Through this line of thinking, you get to focus more on the core functions of your job but still delivering the best outputs asked of you in a timely manner.


Although it is obvious that deleting pages off of a PDF isn’t the most glamorous of administrative functions, having the know-how on how to effectively and efficiently take on this task is a great skill to have. This way, you’ll have no problems delivering results, which means you have better time management skills. Make the most out of the 8 hours that you work every day by not worrying about how to delete pages off of a PDF!