A Guide for Rotate PDF Files using PDFBear’s Tools and Services

It is possible to rotate pdf files. Many people are not aware of how pdf files can be rotated. PDF files can rotate in only clicking a few buttons. You can freely choose the angles that you want the pdf file to rotate. PDFBear is a solution for everyone if they need resources, tools, and services that will allow them to rotate on sorts of angles that will suit their preferences.

Rotating pdfs one by one is stressful, so learning how to do it efficiently by seeking rotating tools will make the lives of users easier. With access to the different angles PDFBear has given you, you are in control of what the pdf will look like after the rotating process is complete. This article is a guide for all Users on how to rotate their pdf documents.

Select Files That You want To Rotate Or Drag It To PDFBear

All of these modifications are easy even when it comes to angle rotate for PDFBear can provide you more than you can think. PDFBear is the right tool that you can utilize regarding the rotation of pdfs. Catering users with all of their pdf needs are what PDFbear is made and developed. Promising features of this service provider is reliable and safe.

Upload the necessary pdf file that you need to rotate pages. A rectangular-shaped figure in the middle is where you can drag the file for convenient purposes. If you want to browse through your device’s library, you can do so by tapping the “Select Files.” If your files are stored and saved on cloud storage, dropbox or google drive, you can still import the pdf files.

Click “Rotate PDF” Button To Start The Rotation Process

You can individually rotate pdf files. It can also be done if you want multiple pages of the documents rotated based on how you like them. PDFBear does all the rotation process for you. In no time, you can acquire the files needed for rotation. In one click of the rotate button, PDFBear will prompt the system to start or initiate the pdf rotating mechanism.

But before clicking the button, you will be given three options as to what angle you want your pdf to rotate. Angles of PDFBear ranges from 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and 270 degrees. If you already picked the angle of your choice, you can now tap on the “Rotate PDF” button, and PDFbear will process your request. Having angles to choose from is essential for rotating.

Download The Rotated File On Your Device

You might not have any idea of how PDFBear works. The PDFBear will process your rotation needs online because PDFBear is a cloud tool service provider that is accessible and open for all. The PDFBear can cater services even if it is in various file formats. PDFBear can provide tools and features for users to operate and at the same time, have fun.

Like importing or uploading a file from cloud storage, you can also save your rotated pdf file on cloud storage. PDFBear will make everything easy for you, from uploading a file to choosing angles and saving the final output. PDFBear simple technology brings joy to people who have a challenging experience with other converting tools that are not fast operating.

Now we all know PDFBear gives great services. People will always look for security and safety, especially when it comes to relevant documents and valuable files. Do not worry because PDFBear has a security system that will guard and protect your files if you are using their server. If you are done using their tools, they can clear up files immediately after an hour.


If you opt for quality rotating services, PDFbear is the right tool and is a must-try service provider. You will not worry about people gaining full access to your files since PDFbear is highly dependable and safe. They refrain people from stealing your files, hence having automatic deletion systems.