5 Scenarios in which Microsoft Teams can help you Boost Productivity

Productivity, collaboration and efficiency are the goal of any company. Getting people to be better and do more in their work, is the goal of any business because, if people, and the teams that make them, do more, better and in less time, will be closer to meet the business goals and grow.

For this, it is necessary that people have the tools that help them to do their work better, that boost their productivity and their collaboration and help them to achieve more.

How to know which is the indicated tool? Below, we present 5 scenarios, which you have probably experienced in your company, in which Microsoft Teams, the new office space based on chat in Office 365, can be your ally to boost productivity and collaboration. A website called Software Keep, From there you can Get Office 2019.

1. Your work team communicates through two or more different tools

Microsoft Teams provides a modern conversation experience with persistent chats and yarns so everyone stays involved and aware. Conversations are visible to the whole team, but private conversations can also be made. It has integrated Skype, to make voice and video conferences and you can add stickers, GIFs and even memes. You can also send emails to a channel, with attachments and receive visual notifications when you publish content on a channel.

All your communication in one place and with an accessible and easy to follow view.

2. The location of files, conversations, and emails is complicated

Microsoft Teams is the center of operations of your team. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, Power BI and Delve are integrated into this tool so that people have all the information and tools they use and need at their fingertips. Through Microsoft Graph, intelligent services are placed through the workspace to help with relevance, discovery and the ability to share information. Users can move naturally from one tool to another, preserve the sense of context and share with others.

3. Each team member uses different tools and it is difficult to learn how to use them

Each team is unique and has different needs and ways of working. For this reason, Microsoft Teams has invested heavily so that people can customize their workspace with open and highly extensible APIs. They can use Tabs for quick access to documents and services in the cloud that are used frequently, in addition to having the possibility of using third party services such as Twitter or GitHub and full support for the Microsoft Bot Framework to bring intelligent services from third parties and their own to their equipment.

4. You work with sensitive documents and you worry that information will be lost or leaked

Microsoft Teams provides advanced security and compliance capabilities so that your information is secure and protected. The data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, to ensure that information is secure on personal and mobile devices. This in-built data encryption can be enhanced with a PC VPN if you are on a Windows device.

5. You look for a solution that is integrated in a platform that you already know

Microsoft Teams is integrated with Office 365, which is designed for the unique work style of each group and includes applications built for that purpose, which are integrated together, such as SharePoint for content management and internal networks; Yammer, to enable discussions through the company as a business social network; Skype for Business, for real-time video and voice conferences; and Office 365 Groups, an application-based membership service that makes it easy for people to move from one application to another.

These are just some situations in which Microsoft Teams can be an ally to boost collaboration and productivity, to enable people and their teams to do more and have at their fingertips the information and conversations they use most and need. If you want to know more about this tool, you can visit this league and start using Microsoft Teams.