Everything you need to know around AbiWord including its Features

Most of the people often considered a Microsoft Word especially in terms of word processing. It is too good to be true that the software may be a little bit expensive however abiword software will definitely and as an alternative. This software is undoubtedly one of the best which can read and write almost all formats and is considered as an open source. Therefore the software can be used in order to create various commercial applications including Microsoft Word.

In addition to that, it also supports many features that include word perfect document, HTML web pages, and rich text format documents as well. One of the interesting aspects that need to be concentrated is its editing options which have the facility to compare with various formats. The abiword download is available for free which is considered as a light version which does not require extra processing requirements. This is considered as a unique software that is suitable even on slope machines which do not require any word processor to be installed in it.

One of the interesting thing associated with this is abiword windows software is it is completely customized with various plugins that can be extended depending upon its capability. Moreover, they can also vary depending upon format converters, thesauruses to image importers, document importers as well as text format managers.


  • Latest version: 2.8.6
  • Developed by Dom Lachowicz
  • License: Free
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7
  • Update date: August 08, 2018
  • File name: abiword-setup-2.9.4.exe (9.4 MB)


Downloading the software is very easy apart from that you can enjoy its complete features.

Multi-Platform – Making use of the abiword free download software will truly enable you to use various platforms and formats as well. Some of the most commonly interfaced platforms include Windows, Linux and Mac OS X giving it a multi-platform range experience.

Mail Merging – The software is also embedded with mail merging that will help in combining different mails and make it a unique one.

Various Plugins – You will also find different plugins that can be used by individuals. However, the abiword windows are often equipped with different plugins that can be much more unique.

Auto-Saving Option – Whatever task you perform making use of the software it will always make sure to save it automatically. Therefore there are minimum chances to lose your data which can also be retrieved once lost.

Support Scripts – Even though there are much software which is similar to that of abiword but will never support various script format. This is considered to be one of the unique feature associated with the software.


1. You will find lots of templates that can be used by you in order to make your own creation.

2. HTML is supported which abiword download exported along with CSS styling format and also supports such type of formatting.

3. It also has the capacity to make use of unlimited undo and redo services.

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