Microsoft E-Commerce Platform features for Businesses

When looking for a business solution to help you launch a new business online or run an existing one efficiently, you should think of an e-commerce platform. A Microsoft e-commerce platform is a business solution suite built on ASP.NET architecture with a myriad of features to help entrepreneurs create online pages, add and edit products, sell to customers, and process payments, among other operations.

Reliable Microsoft e-commerce platforms may also separate the business front end and back end to promote more focus on customers and products. If you have heard of headless e-commerce, this is it. With this introduction, you now know some of the features to check for your business. But let’s discuss these more in detail.

Tools to Promote Online Business

The Microsoft e-commerce platform you choose should be equipped with tools to help you operate online. They include the following.

Web page creation tools – Whether you need to create a unique webshop or use existing markets, the platform you choose should facilitate this efficiently. On the same note, it should make it possible to produce descriptions, images, and change them without challenges.

Marketing tools – When you want to drive revenue to your business, you need to market the business efficiently. A good .NET platform should come with SEO and other marketing tools to promote the business efficiently.

Payment processing engine – Whether you are integrated with places or using any other webshop, it is the responsibility of the Microsoft e-commerce platform to help process payments securely and accurately. So, ensure that it has this feature.

These features perfectly suit Virto Commerce, which is an ASP.NET commerce platform that you may want to consider right now for your business.


Today, most businesses solutions are operated online. They are called cloud-based, which is where remote servers store the data and can present it via the internet anywhere in the world. An appropriate Microsoft e-commerce platform should function online and provide cloud-based solutions. With these, entrepreneurs can operate from anywhere using their internet-connected laptops, tablets, or mobile phones.


It is better when the Microsoft e-commerce platform you choose can work with other online solutions. This happens through integration, which gives you more features and tools to utilize. These could be markets, marketing platforms, or other partners.

If you happen to follow up on the integration, ensure that they add value to your online business. This means you should be able to access and utilize them as soon as you subscribe to the platform.

Data Processing Capability

We live in a world full of data. Any online business processes a lot of data every minute from customer buying habits to stocks and finances. A good Microsoft e-commerce platform should have the mechanism to collect, store, analyze, and report on data efficiently.

Luckily, all ASP.NET Microsoft e-commerce platforms are designed to handle a large amount of data, so they are efficient for any business. And since they are cloud-based, you can access the data securely from any location.


Even as we conclude, it is worth mentioning that the cost of subscribing to the platform is very important. All ASP.NET platforms are affordable because the programming architecture is also affordable. So, your main focus should be on the features we have discussed.