Top 10 University for Masters Degrees in Music Therapy

The contribution of music therapy for the progress of mentally challenged individuals is proved with the help of research findings. This field has helped many individuals having mental disabilities; such as depression, mood disorders and anxiety. Researchers are hopeful that this degree will give more positive results in 2017 due to advancement in the said area. Some notable institutes are offering degrees in music therapy to train students in this field. Top 10 Masters Degrees in Music Therapy are discussed in this article.

Sam Houston State University, Huntsville Texas

This university is offering Master’s in Music Therapy. The requirement to take admission in this university is that students must hold bachelors in Music therapy. Students are also provided with the clinical training needed for this degree program.

Texas Woman University, Denton, Texas

If you have no background of music therapy in graduation even then you can take admission in Masters in music therapy in this university. Various elective courses are also offered. Students attain the professional skills under the supervision of expert clinicians and music therapists.

Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Drexel University offers Counseling program along with the Master’s in Music Therapy program. The therapists and clinicians provide the clinical training to the students.

Shenandoah University, Winchester, Virginia

This university is basically for professionals in Music Therapy to further enhance their professional capacities. Financial support is also given to students. The research training and group projects really help students in gaining strong command on their said field.

Lesley University, Cambridge Massachusetts

Various techniques and skills needed for Music Therapy are provided. The students are more clinically trained under the supervision of experts.

Maryville University of St. Louis, Missouri

Students with no prior background in Music Therapy will be given essential skills required for Master’s in music therapy. Students are provided training with individuals having different disorders.

Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Students are required to have background in Music Therapy prior to Master’s degree program. Students are trained in research and clinical training essential for this degree course. Students are required to complete thesis or final project to get their graduation degree.

Immaculata University, Immaculata Pennsylvania

This university offers Music Therapy degree to all students with various graduate programs. The necessary clinical training is given and the music therapist help students to grasp the fundamentals of music therapy.

St. Mary of the Woods College-ST. Mary of the Woods, Indiana

This is the best university offering music therapy degree online. The students are required to complete their certifications of music therapy if they don’t have certifications in music therapy.

Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

This university offers degree in music therapy for students having Music therapy background in bachelors. The students are given a range of subjects to choose for their specialization.

These were the 10 best universities offering Master’s in Music Therapy courses. Professionals can also avail this degree to enhance their skills to treat the individuals having a range of psychological disorders. This program is helping individuals with disorders to better adjust in the society.