Things to Check when Searching for High-Quality wooden Toddler Bikes

Wooden bikes for children aged between 3 to 5 years improve the coordination and balancing skills in a kid. According to Medibank, once your child learns to balance, they’ll soon be able to move up to using a regular bike without the need for training wheels. A wooden toddler bike is made from high-quality materials like eucalyptus tree wood and bamboo to serve these functions and more. Some toy manufacturers also design customized wooden bikes as per your requirements. Wooden toddler bikes do not have pedals, so the kids maintain their focus only on balance. This makes the learning process fun and easier for them. But before you choose to buy the wooden bike for your kids, you must consider the following points.

Weight of the Bike

The weight matters a lot when choosing the design of a wooden bike. The purpose of the toddler bike is to make your child learn how to balance without support. But if the bike’s weight is heavy, it will be difficult for your child to maneuver it around.

The movement will be hindered, and the child won’t play with it again. So, before you finalize on design, make sure it is light-weight and easy to move. Make your child ride it during the shopping process. It will simplify your decision.

Check the Tire Types

The tires determine the overall smoothness of the ride, whether on rough or steep roads. There are different types of wooden bikes designed in tire types like air tire, foam tire, rubber tire, plastic tire and fat boy tire.

Some parents go for plastic tires as they are common for indoor use. But, they provide no traction and are the lightest and cheapest among other tires. The most commonly used tires for wooden Toddler Bikes are air tires, foam tires, and rubber tires. The fat boy tires (apple tires) are the most preferred as they provide more traction. But, they belong to a slightly expensive range.

Seat’s Height of the Bike

The minimum seat height of the bike you choose should be at least as short as your child’s inseam. So, before you buy the wooden toddler bike, make sure you measure your child’s inseam.

The height of the seat should also be adjustable. After a year or two, your child might outgrow the seat’s height. To ensure that the bike serves the purpose in the coming years, make sure its seat has the height adjustment feature.

Check the Quality of the Wood Used

All the toys and wooden bikes must pass the CPSC certification. The quality of the wood used must not be inferior, as it will start leaving powder residue after a couple of rides. Some wooden bikes might also catch termites that will prove no longer usable for riding purposes.

The superior the wooden quality, the longer the bike will last. Also, if the wooden material is not appropriately treated, it may harm your child’s skin. So, you have to ensure that the material used in building the bike’s body is well polished and chemically treated to prevent any safety hazards.