Top 3 Ways to Say Thank You and Show Gratitude

Demonstrating gratitude is crucial in a professional relationship. Though it’s easy to overlook this seemingly minor act, taking the time to give proper thanks to those that you work with can have a significant impact on your success in business. Whether you’re boosting a co-worker’s confidence or strengthening your bond with a potential business partner, showing gratitude is a simple move that makes a real difference. Try these tactics the next time you need to send a message of thanks.

1. Perform Acts of Service

Reciprocity is a great way to show that you appreciate what someone has done for you. In the United States, most professionals are seriously overworked. Over 85% of men and more than 66% of women work over 40 hours a week. Since 1950, the productivity of the average American worker has increased by a whopping 400%. When another professional takes the time to do a favor for you, they’re making a real sacrifice of time and effort in an environment where both are in short supply. Repay the effort by doing something in return.

If a co-worker helped you meet a last-minute deadline, seek out ways to help them catch up on projects that likely fell behind as they assisted you. Consider the cost of those acts that you’re thankful for and find ways to repay these favors.

2. Give Meaningful Compliments

A thoughtful compliment can go a long way, particularly for younger employees who are still struggling to find their place in the organization. Show that you’re thankful for an individual’s unflagging enthusiasm or impressive work ethic by giving a heartfelt compliment the next time you see them. These compliments go the furthest when they’re specific to the individual in question. “Good work!” is nice, but it’s better to say “I’m very impressed by the attention to detail in your report.” This lets them know where they’re excelling and what they should keep up with.

In some cases, you may even want to make your compliment public. Consider posting on social media about the outstanding experience you had with a partner company or providing a detailed review for a new product or service. These touches mean a lot to small businesses.

3. Send a Thank-You Card

A thank-you card is one of the most time-honored ways to say thank you. Though emails and text messages have taken the place of many written communications, this is one area where a handwritten note is still appropriate. Taking the time to write out a thank-you note shows your sincerity in ways that a digital message simply can’t imitate.

If you don’t have the time or a neat enough script for an authentically handwritten note, you can also opt for a personalized message in an ink and script that offers the same effect.

Taking the time to demonstrate your gratitude won’t only have a positive effect on the recipient, it will boost your own happiness as well. It’s proven that giving thanks has a positive impact on the individual reaching out as well as the one who receives the gratitude, so there’s no excuse to hold off on this task.