Check Out these Lovely Balloon Decoration Designs

Who said balloons are for kids? Adults like them too and with the classy and fun decor the balloon decorations can offer, you simply can’t say no to them. Check out these lovely Balloon decoration designs that are perfect for birthdays and weddings celebrations.

1. Hanging balloons

Insert a marble inside the balloon before blowing them and suspend these balloons at varying heights with a string or ribbon. You can use also go for balloons of different sizes to add more effect. Suspend these by ceiling for birthday parties or weddings. If the event is outdoor you can do this by hanging them from tree branches.

2. Unicorn Balloon Decoration

Now this balloon decor design is hot favourite among kids. You can choose this for your kid’s birthday party and instantly gain the title of best parents. Hashtag parents goal game will be on point. In this balloon decoration, balloons are arranged in the order to make unicorn.

3. Sprinkle Balloon Backdrop

Make a fun photo booth backdrop for birthday party. Stick sprinkle balloon either on wall or you can choose a white bedsheet for background and you’re done.

Add some balloons or lanterns at the bottom. Or you can go with the Ice cream cone balloon décor to go with it.

4. Balloon Arch decor

This balloon decor will go with both wedding decor and birthday parties. Choose this decor for entryway or stage. For kids birthday party you can choose to arrange balloon in rainbow colours. While for adult birthday parties and wedding choose subtle colours and flower-vines in between.

5. Big Fat Balloon backdrop stage

This one is oh-so in trend. You can blindly choose this for your stage décor in wedding ceremony. Balloons of different sizes are hung at varying height closely huddled together. Add some lights from behind to give your stage a heavenly glow while you say your vows.

6. Tassel garland balloons

Tassels are in vogue these days. Adding them in your wedding and birthday decoration will add touch of texture and colour. Fun way incorporate tassel in your balloon decoration is by tying a tassel garland to helium balloons. You can place these on either side of aisle or on sides of your stage.

7. Hot Air Balloon

Another balloon decoration that is in rage these days is Hot Air balloons. Suitable for both birthday parties and wedding, this wedding decoration will not fail to impress your guests. Tie helium balloons with ribbons to a small bamboo basket. You can flowers in the basket or decorate it with ribbons. Make sure to only put enough weight so the balloons are floating mid-air. To secure them in place if the venue is outdoor string them to the ground.

8. Tag the Chair

Tie the designated chairs of groom and bride with a bunch of balloons. Up the decoration game by putting Tags on their balloons. You can use vinyl stickers or markers in metallic colours for this. Use words like Mr, Mrs, Romeo, Juliet, etc.

You can also Tag Tables with Balloons having Numbers on them to guide guests to the tables.

For Birthday parties you can replace the Tag with the name of the birthday person, or Happy Birthday, or their age. It’s all up to you.

9. Floral Garland Balloon

This is perfect for weddings. Add floral leaves vines garland to the big helium balloons and viola a twist to your traditional flower and balloon decorations.