Gift Flowers to Your Close Ones on their Anniversary or Wedding

Gift Flowers to Your Close Ones on their Anniversary or Wedding

Whether it is your own anniversary or of someone close to you, the day is special and it is your duty to mark the same with personalized gifts and beautiful flowers. Add a few balloons, a cake, a delicious chocolate box and a bottle of champagne to enhance the appeal of an anniversary gift. They will surely bring that billion dollar smile on your loved one’s face.

A bunch of red roses is a great option that stands to be an amazing anniversary gift. There are lilies, daisies and roses along with some exotic flowers available in numerous colors, fragrances and patterns for you to choose from. This article is a flower gifting guide helping you select the right choice of flowers.

Types of Flowers for Summer Anniversary/Wedding Gifts

If it is a summer wedding anniversary time, you won’t have to worry much about gifting flowers. Summer spoils you with choices and here are some you can head with:

1. Sunflowers

This is the largest flower creating an amazing statement. As the name suggests, sunflower is the ambassador of this season. Interestingly, they are not only available in yellow color, but also in mahogany, orange, brown and bronze.

2. Gazanias

Referred to as ‘Treasure Flower,’ Gazanias are a popular contentious choice in the range of summer flowers for anniversary or wedding gifts. They are available in a myriad of bright hues.

3. Gerbera Daisies

How can one ignore gerbera daisies when searching for summer anniversary gifts? They are characterized by their splendid color intensity and have obtained the position of the 5th most popular flower throughout the world.

4. Black Eyed Susan

Though they are wild flowers growing in the open woods, Black Eyed Susan makes an excellent summer anniversary or wedding gift choice, especially for rustic or vintage type weddings.

Other than these, you have tuberose, cosmos, chrysanthemum, peony and Dalia.

If you are looking for something unique and fancy, gifting exotic flowers and flowering shrubs make the best anniversary gift choice. But, the person whom you are presenting the flowering shrubs must be fond of gardening. There are multiple benefits of having indoor plants and it is because of the same that gifting plants on anniversaries is gaining popularity.

Green is nature’s color and placing green plants in your office or home can brighten up space. They add freshness, harmony, positivity and youth. With immense healing potential, green signifies safety, as well as, soothes the mind and the eyes. The indoor plants also serve as air purifiers which improve the vision, endurance and stability. They get blended easily with the place where you keep them; hence, transforming the same into an island of care and beauty.

So, gear up for the summer anniversary or wedding party and gift your loved ones a bouquet of these summer special flowers.