Logistics and Home Industry Standards for Used Sea Containers

When you’re looking to buy used shipping containers, there are certain specifications you need to look for, especially when it comes to the home industry standards your shipping container needs to meet. It’s a little different then if you live near a port and don’t have to have the shipping container directly delivered over a great distance to you of course and aside from that, every city, town, and state has different ordinances when it comes to using a shipping container to build your home, or even as an extra building to your property. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a logistics nightmare if you use the right way of getting your shipping container.

The Benefits of Used Shipping Containers

Shipping containers can be used as they are, for storing, turning them into your personal storage shed or even your workshop. Today however, more and more homes are being built using these shipping containers than they used to be. The reason for this, is because it’s more cost effective, and it’s even easier to make a “green” self-efficient home out of a shipping container rather than buying all of the raw materials yourself.

One of the main benefits of buying a used shipping container for materials or home industry use is that you’re saving a ton of money compared to even newer shipping containers. While a new shipping container can cost above 10,000 dollars, you can usually buy a used container for only a few thousand. That’s like buying an old car for a better price because it’s not brand new (If it still works the same, you’re making a huge deal).

Different Types of Shipping Containers

When you’re purchasing a shipping container for your use, you need to know what type of container you want to buy. More than anything, you want to ensure that the shipping container you’re purchasing doesn’t have a lot of problems, so you’re probably not going to buy a used container as-is (these are often scrap containers, and their main purpose is to just be recycled or junked, so you don’t want these).

Sites like shipped.com offer shipping containers that are at least water and windproof, so while there may be rust spots, these can easily be patched up and treated, as there is only moderate damage to them. Not only that, but you’re using it for materials, so there may be dings, scratches, and even dents in it. Your best bet is to go one size up and get a used container that is at least certified, even if it’s no longer being used to ship cargo. This gets you the best quality container for the lowest price.


Shipped offers a solution to these shipping container curiosities by providing nationwide services that can bring used shipping containers directly to your home for the lowest price. They go above and beyond with their service, and will help you find a used cargo container as close to you as possible so you don’t have to pay outrageous amounts of fees in order to have the cargo container moved to you. Once you go through their website that sells shipping containers, speak with an agent, and get started, you can easily purchase a used container that complies with all industry standards necessary and have it delivered right to your back door!