Reaping the benefits of Custom-Made Shipping Containers

Trade around the world is facilitated with the help of a vibrant and thriving shipping and logistics industry. However, goods are not directly dumped onto the ships. The item to be transported is first packed within a shipping container. A shipping container is a metal box that is designed to withstand the vagaries of the sea along with other harsh conditions such as high pressure, temperature and so on. Containers are primarily used in the shipping and logistics industry. Nevertheless, custom shipping containers are hugely popular among those who are not even remotely connected to oceanic transport.

Australia being an island country has a lot of ports. Maritime activities account for 98% of trade from and to Australia. The total cargo transported by containers is estimated to 4.50M TEU (Unit of cargo capacity – Total Equivalent Unit) to and fro each. If all the shipping containers in the world were lined up, it would encircle the globe twice. The abundance of shipping containers and their architectural simplicity makes them one of the most sought-after items to customize for businesses as well as public utilities alike.

Few ways in which Custom Shipping Containers are used

1. Inexpensive public toilets and portable restrooms. With the onset of Covid-19, they are also widely used as sanitation chambers.

2. Pop-up businesses, food trucks, retail stores on the move and seasonal establishments widely used shipping containers.

3. Additional and temporary office spaces. Widely seen in the construction sector due to its easy setup and dismantling.

4. As kiosks and outlets in flea markets and branded events, temporary art galleries etc.

5. Living spaces on the move (like trailer homes), additional studio spaces, workout area and so on.

These are just a few of the variety of uses that people make use of with custom shipping containers. The best part is that the container offers a strong shell or skeleton for any purpose, and the design and utility may be flexibly determined by the customisation process.

Benefits of using a Custom-made Shipping Container

Versatility in Transportation – The first and foremost advantage of using a shipping container is that they are easily transported across road, rail, shipping and through the air. The cargo containers are designed in such a way that they fit the dimensions for easy movement across transport methods see this page to know more about how to ship a shipping container.

Cost of Setup – Shipping containers are easy to find on hire or for buying. Depending on the nature of the venture (temporary or permanent) one can choose the option. However, rest assured that it is not going to cost a bomb compared to making a concrete building.

Endless Customization – The container that is bought is the bare skeleton. The options to customize is innumerable and is solely restrained by the designer’s creativity. Wallpapers, light décor, battery-powered lighting, shelving etc. is easily possible. If one’s not happy with the design, it is also easy to start over.

Ease of use and Maintenance – The containers, once customized, are as easy to use as plug and play devices. Their mobility also ensures easy set up from place to place. And unlike traditional buildings, containers hardly require repairs or maintenance. Once painted and set up, it’s good to go for a long time.

Eco-friendly – Last but not the least, is an element of sustainable development. Containers that are retired from transportation and easily recycled to be used as mobile stores or food trucks. This way, not only the disposal of the container is avoided but also pressure on the earth’s finite resources that are utilized such as cement, water and gravel are reduced.

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