Explore the use of Pay Per Call Campaign Advertising Model

Pay Per Call is a method for marketers to track inbound customer calls the same way they track clicks. This works on with the advertisers creating marketing campaigns designed to drive the prospective customers to connect over the phone. The publisher’s launches this kind of call- based campaigns and get credits for the calls that they generate. Pay Per Call Campaign is a type of advertising model in which the rate paid by the advertisers is determined by the number of telephone calls are made by the viewers of the ads.

Phone Calls to make Money

Pay Per Call as a form of performance marketing permits marketers to generate high quality calls and leads. Indeed, it is similar to the performance network to track clicks and conversions that are put to the way with pay per calls to track calls. This complete process stands on as a drive to make the way calls from prospective customers to directly connect over the phone with self or any agent.

These are considered as hot deals because of the potential customer taking action by calling the number and requesting more and more information in real time. Apart from that the whole way depends on the defined conversion point of the pay per call campaign and is an affiliate successfully sending a call which will, in turn, get you paid.

Easy steps to make the best use of the Campaign

This pay per call is not a game. The campaign is surely going to work and continue to generate great revenues. But if you want to grow your pay per call and your business. Then you have to get it optimized, adjust it and constantly improve it. Let’s have a look at the ways: –

Have an increase to the commission for quality leads

Always try to take a lead on quality over quantity. For that, you have to optimize your commission structure to reward the publishers for driving high-quality leads which are most likely to turn into customers.

Investment needs to be done with high-quality Publishers

When the call is rolling on, you have to keep a notice on the publishers if it is created equally or not. It’s because some will drive a ton of calls with no or below average conversion rates. And others will drive the best traffic that you could ask for. But this is not taken into action for many. You need to keep an eye on individual publishers and their performances so that you can invest your budget well and get the biggest of returns on it.

Optimizing the Call Treatments

This is to ensure that the pay per call success is into your control of every aspect of the caller experience. This is because a bad caller experience might cost you more. So, when optimizing your call treatment look into some basic stuff like making clear prompts, concise and usage of the language of your customers. Then put an action item at the end of the prompt and use the automatic routing to make sure that the calls go to the appropriate location or department.


These were some of the best tips to optimize your call tracking campaigns for the best of benefits. Also, you should use the call tracking software for the analytics purpose. There are many benefits of call tracking software which not only get you updated with the campaign insights but also help you take decisions.