7 Tourist Advice to keep in mind when Visiting Australia

Australia is a wonderful country, and one of the most sought-after when it comes to exploration. You can find wide variety of landscapes, cultures, foods and many other things in Australia. In addition to the tourists, it is also one of the preferred destinations for students. Australia is home to number of quality education providers in various disciplines. Well, whatsoever may be the reason you are visiting Australia, here are things you should keep in mind when in this amazing country.

Your Tourist Visa

Your first and foremost step should be to get tourist visa to Australia. Make sure you apply your tourist visa application through a registered MARA agent, which will increase your chances of successful visa.

Though you’ll have most of your itinerary chalked out, you must keep in mind of the duration of your visa. Should you make your mind to extend your tourist visa in middle of the trip, make sure you do it using the right channel, i.e., through a registered MARA agent.

Beware of Wildlife

Australia is rich in wildlife. It’s common to see wild animals crossing lines with humans here, but humans keep themselves at bay. Australia is home to some of the most venomous serpents and other wild animals. It is highly suggested to keep away from any and every wild animal.

Shooting them with a camera is good, but maintaining safe distance is better. You won’t repent your decision to keep a safe distance.

Do not just jump into any beach you see. Beware of crocodiles, stingers, sharks, etc.

Take help of authorities whenever and wherever necessary. Do not try to be a hero. Stay calm. Ask for help. Act responsibly.

Australia is BIG – Try to Visit Everything Major

Australia is a continent, and it is BIG. It may not be possible for you to visit everywhere, but it will surely be possible for you to visit every major city. Do not miss the pace and beauty of Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, etc.

Engage in snorkelling and diving in the Great Barrier Reef, go through a long drive at the Great Ocean Road to get a great selfie at the 12 Apostles. Get a Quokka Selfie on Rottnest Island, swim at Bondi beach, go for Penguin Parade on Phillip Island, walk through the Daintree Rainforest, cruise through the Sydney Harbour, visit Sydney Opera House, walk the Base of Uluru and do everything you can.

Australia has a lot to see; make sure you do it all.

Make a checklist, and complete it!

Avoid Staying Anywhere Suburban or Away from Public Transportation

As you are a tourist here, whether solo or with friend/family, make sure you do not stay at a place which is away from public transport. You’ll need to travel frequently and would surely need a reliable connectivity service. If you are not hiring a self-driven taxi or do not have anything instantly available to commute, you might face a little trouble going places.

Carry Loads of Sunscreen

A few minutes out in the sun in Australia and you may end up roasting yourself! Yes, sun in Australia is vicious.

Remember to carry (and apply) loads of sunscreen when going anywhere outside in daytime, especially beaches. You do not want to be going back to your home country like a roasted chicken!

Follow all Traffic Rules while Visiting Australia

Australia is extremely stringent when it comes to following traffic rules. Whether you are a tourist, an international student, a local or anyone else, never drive fast or drunk.

Hire a taxi instead. You do not wish to land yourself in trouble in this foreign country.

Try not to be alone in Wild

Australia’s rugged landscape might look appealing for a long weekend of camping or hiking, but it will be better to be in a group. Weather can change dramatically and can put you in trouble. Of course, not to ignore the wildlife including venomous snakes and spiders. Play it safe!

Though there are tons of things to keep in mind when visiting any foreign country, it also depends on what kind of person you are and what is your travel history. Be a good and responsible traveller. Respect the culture and citizens of the country you are visiting. Do not litter. Bring back good memories.

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