Differences between Traditional and Digital Marketing

With the development of technology and the penetration of social media into our lives, marketing methods have also begun to change. With the development of digital marketing, traditional marketing began to give way to digital marketing.

Traditional marketing is losing its popularity in the face of digital marketing. From cost to measurement, to increasing brand awareness in terms of communication, digital marketing and traditional marketing are different in many respects. In today’s technological conditions, it is more advantageous to use digital marketing methods. Although traditional marketing stands out in terms of habit, an environment of equal opportunity and competition can be created with digital marketing.

Following you’ll find the difference between traditional and digital marketing.

Costing – Traditional marketing costs more than digital marketing. Digital marketing can be accessed anytime, anywhere. In addition, more people are reached at a lower cost. Marketing activities that can go viral in a short time can be carried out without the need to allocate large amounts of budget. Therefore, small businesses do not have difficulty in digital marketing within the scope of low cost. But traditional marketing can put small businesses in trouble.

Contacts – In traditional marketing, there is a communication method from the source to the buyer. The buyer simply listens to the ad. In digital marketing, people get opportunities to comment and ask questions to the advertiser, and sometimes they contribute by sharing the advertisement.

Concept of Time – In traditional marketing, the campaign setup is long. In addition, when any mistake is made, it takes a lot of time to correct this mistake. Digital marketing, on the other hand, can easily renew itself. It can also attract people’s attention with the shares that capture the moment.

Reaching the Target Audience – Reaching the target audience with the traditional marketing method is longer, more difficult and costly. It is possible to reach the consumer within the scope of traditional marketing by means of mail, letter and telephone. A single person can be reached at the same time by more difficult ways. However, in digital marketing, since it is possible to communicate with the consumer through social media, it is possible to instantly communicate with more than one consumer at the same time. Digital marketing is a more comprehensive method of marketing. Because it can easily reach customers anywhere, anytime.

Whether you acquire SEO services in Canada or in any other location, or focus on distributing brochures to nearby locations, doing both would help you promote a business.

Consumer Communication – In traditional marketing, the consumer can reach the brand by e-mail, letter or phone, while with the digital marketing method, the consumer can comment on social media as soon as he sees the advertisement. While communication in traditional marketing is between the customer and the brand, a communication in digital marketing can reach more than one person at the same time.

In digital marketing strategies, communication becomes two-way. In other words, people who watch the ads get the opportunity to give feedback. They can ask questions about products and services and realize their purchasing behavior. In digital marketing, potential customers can be contacted directly. At the same time, consumers can also benefit the company by sharing the advertisement.

Availability – Traditional marketing hours are more specific. Digital marketing, on the other hand, is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to the internet.

Experience and Wealth – Certain patterns must be followed when doing traditional marketing. In digital marketing, innovations are easily tried. Various campaigns are organized with different setups. Since its sphere of influence is wider, it easily reaches different people and may suddenly come to the fore.

Consumer and Brand Oversight – Consumer rights and consumer protection are very important in traditional marketing. In digital marketing, a different communication is established with the customer. For example, a mistake made to a customer who mislabeled on Twitter can be expressed with pleasant language.

Feedback Opportunity – When a campaign is executed with traditional marketing, it is not possible to get feedback about this campaign. The benefit or harm of the campaign cannot be seen with a report. However, within the scope of the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing, it is possible to clearly see the effect created on the target audience in digital marketing campaigns.


Traditional marketing and digital marketing are more like a couple. Both of these methods are quite important for a business to succeed in this ever-evolving digital world. Isn’t it better to achieve results from both methods but from one? Don’t miss even a single opportunity to propel your business towards prosperity.