Remedies for Glowing Skin – Dedicated to Beauties

Everyone has a different skin tone. During the childhood period, the skin tends to be more supple and healthier. The skin tone is even and smooth unlike the post teenage period. By the time one starts getting older, the skin gets doped with acne, aging and uneven skin tone. The original skin color starts getting discolored and you tend to look older and the structure of your skin does not remain balanced anymore. Even though, there are lots of products for skin toning available in the market, the chemicals used in it can cause damage to your skin tissues making it lose its original moisture and glow. It is always better to choose the natural methods those and simple, less time consuming and easily available at your home. Few of the Home Remedies for Glowing Skin are listed below that will help you gain an even and balanced skin quality.

Lemon Juice

Lemons have always been treated as an ancient medicinal beauty agent. It is acidic in nature and thus, helps to maintain the exact amount of pH that is required for the skin for its better quality and even tone. Most of the experts have clearly demonstrate this fact in their articles and even the dermatologists and cosmetologists advise the use of products that has lemon contents. The presence of citric acid in the lemons is an effective natural way that helps to even out and lighten your skin tone. The application of lemon juice on your skin on regular basis, letting it to rest for a while followed by its removal with cold and clean water will have your skin look brighter and softer. In this entire process, it is very much important thing to note that, while you use lemon juice on your skin, avoid the areas having cuts or scratches; or else it will lead to a burning sensation. Another important thing is to avoid getting out in the sun with lemon juice on your skin.


Oatmeal is a natural way to have a healthier skin because of it acting as an exfoliating agent. This helps in breaking up of dirt and bumps present on your skin offering you a more even surface and skin tone. Prior to the application of oatmeal on your face, make sure you blend it together with a little bit of honey to make the formation look more of a paste. Leave it on your face for few minutes and then rub it with your fingers. Do not leave the paste half washed. After the process, apply a sunscreen lotion for better effects.


Honey acts as a moisturizer and it is suffice with the antibacterial properties. This helps in reducing the size of acne scars and also the blemishes. As per many beauty portals, using honey made up of good breeds of honey bees; with proper combinations and in appropriate portions will help skin retain its lost moisture.


Milk is an amazing way to soften and lighten your structure of skin naturally for a better and more even tone. It functions on melanin to help your skin lighten; diminish the appearance of darker and rigid blemishes as well as the scars. Milk also helps in softening the skin and is an ideal ingredient for people with flaky or dry skin.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is an unbelievable remedy for hormone health. It helps in providing all the necessary building blocks required for the production of hormones, assistance of weight loss and reduction of inflammation. Its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties help the skin develop a natural and original glow. It is advised to consume 1/4th cup of the coconut oil everyday in some or the other form. Coconut water consumption can also help you beat the heat and let your skin have a perfect look.


Last but not the least, is the sleep factor. Having a proper amount of sleep is the most important parameter in maintaining an overall health. A sound sleep of 6-7 is important for every adult to have a good quality skin. Enough of sleep will help the regulation of blood and balance the flow. This will help provide enough of oxygenated blood to all the parts of the body. The skin has very delicate tissues which can grow and develop with pure oxygen. Thus, the proper amount of blood to your skin will help it make better.