7 types of Kitchen Tiles to Consider for Indian Kitchens

We have come a long way down the lane of tiling history, with thousands of innovations curated over the years. Whether you are building a new home/flat/apartment or even renovating your existing house, tiling is the most important part of the process. According to our observations, the most challenging and exciting choice for choosing the best tiles are for Kitchens. Every one of us can agree that kitchens are perhaps the most important rooms of all. A place that receives abundant activity throughout the day and a room that is comparatively more exposed to scratches, stains, or damage. Naturally, choosing kitchen tiles is quite a task! Now, there comes the question of which profound tile specifications, trends or colors’ you should go for when it comes to building a great kitchen. Not every one of us has the interior decorating skills nor can we always afford to hire an interior designer, ultimately we have to help ourselves!

Scratching your head? Well, don’t you worry, we have got you covered with what you are about to read next. Here are some amazing Kitchen Tiles you would cherish having in your kitchens.

Porcelain tiles

Of course, our first pick was Porcelain tiles given their gorgeous range of color and designs that can liven up the aesthetics of your kitchen. One of the greatest options for kitchen tiles is porcelain tiles due to a number of reasons. These tiles are super-strong, with good density, scratch-resistant, and even stain resistant. You will never be disappointed by going for a great selection of porcelain tiles.

Mosaic Tiles

Probably one of the oldest and greatest tiles used in kitchens ever since 1500 B.C. The tiny squares on these tiles are available in a vast variety of color & pattern options. Mosaic tiles for kitchens are widely used for interior decorations of kitchens in not just India, but on a global level. You can pinpoint the application areas at your home and go with these timeless mosaic tiles to give your kitchen a unique look.

Ceramic Tiles

We bet you were waiting to hear this name. Well, of course, Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular tiles used for not just kitchen but many other application areas. These tiles are perfectly suitable for your kitchens due to their high durability, resistance to heat and stains & their ability to be cleaned easily. Additionally, they offer thousands of beautiful designs you can choose from. What else is there to know? Hop out & shop ceramic tiles today!

Wooden tiles

Who doesn’t love the classics! Wood has always been a popular choice in the interior decorating arena. Wooden look is going to give you a timeless, classy, and vintage look to your kitchen. Moreover, these wooden looks are available in both porcelain and ceramic tiles, which gives you advantages like easy maintenance, good durability, and scratch-resistance.

Vitrified Tiles

Another popular category of tiles is widely used in the outdoors. These tiles have low porosity, and hence they are highly water-resistant and offer high durability. Available in numerous attractive designs, these tiles can make a great choice for your kitchens. Mainly due to multiple advantages, these tiles are becoming just as popular as ceramic tiles to be used in kitchens.

Cement Tiles

Going back to the basics is always a great option. Available in a vast variety of colors and decorative patterns, cement tiles can give you ample choices. On top of that, they offer great durability, scratch resistance, and are quite easy to maintain. With all these advantages & being easy on the pocket, cement tiles are a fantastic option for your kitchen.

Feeling confident? Now that you have familiarized yourself with 7 different kinds of tiles, you can explore further and pick an excellent pattern, color, and type of tiles for your kitchen. Kitchens are a joyful place; let’s make them better by tiling them greatly.