What are the benefits of Beard Oil and How to use it?

Have you grown beard before? Has something made you stop its growth? Do you feel discomfort with beard? Well, if you want to get rid of an itchy & discomfort beard, then beard oil is the product for you.

Benefits of Beard Oil

Why do men use beard oil? How does it make your beard different? What effect does it has on your beard?

Stops Beard Itchiness

If you have had a beard before, you must be familiar with the itchiness of the skin. But why does it happen? Well, because your beard hair follicle has sebaceous gland which secretes sebum oil that keeps your face and beard nourished. But as your beard gets longer, they fail to produce sufficient sebum oil.

Hence, your skin and hair fail to get proper nourishment. Beard oil works as a supplement to sebum oil to moisturize and nourish your beard and skin and help it fight itchiness and discomfort.

Fight Beard Dandruffs

Beard dandruff comes along with beard itchiness and discomfort. Itchiness doesn’t just make your skin flaky but also turns the dead skin below your beard to dandruff.

When you use beard oil, it nourishes your beard hair and skin before and stops beard dandruff right away.

Conditions your Beard

Beard oil softens and conditions your beard. It makes your beard manageable, easier to comb and style.

Fight Acne and Skin Irritation

If your beard isn’t moisturized nicely, you may have breakout below your beard. It can make the hair follicles clogged leading to inflammation and acne.

Beard oil functions as a great moisturizer and cleanser. It enters your hair pores, removes all the impurities and doesn’t clog pores. Apart from cleansing your skin, it also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory compounds to lower inflammation, irritation, redness, itchiness and acne.

Allows you to easily style your Beard

A lot of people like to style their beard. As your beard gets longer, it may get unmanageable. Beard oil allows you to easily comb and style your beard. It doesn’t let your beard be excessively dry.

How to use Beard Oil?

It is very important to find your perfect beard oil to derive maximum benefits from it. Beard Farmer is one of the best beard growth oil for beard growers to get the boost they have been looking for. It is made with natural and high quality products.

If you want to go for a shower then go or you can just wash your face also. Washing your beard trains it and removes excess of oil from your beard and face before applying the oil.

Just put a few drops of beard oil on your palm and rub both your palms and then distribute it all over your beard. It is important to choose the right amount of oil depending on the length and thickness of your beard. As you beard grows longer, you need to use more oil so that it covers every follicle properly.