Why Choose Hand Tufted Carpet to make Floor Fashionable?

If you want to give your home a new look to your interior, then you should buy a hand-tufted carpet. This idea will help you to increase the fashionable look of your interior. In this article, you will know all the details regarding hand Tufted Carpet.

What is Hand-Tufted Carpet?

Carpets are manufactures partially by hand and partially machine. The material used in the Kindle carpet is wool. The Making process of this kind of carpet is different from hand-knotted carpets. Generally, carpets are manufacture by punching the strength of wool into frames with canvas stretched by making use of hand-operated tools. The making process is lightly intense it does not need an identical level of skills which is important for the hand knotting process.

The hand-tufted rugs have some backing to hold tufts in place. Sometimes a scrim fabric is pasted to the back side of the tufted carpet. The addition of fringes is made using the sewing or gluing method to complete the carpet. The materials of these carpets are different from the hand-knitting carpets. High-quality wool is use to make these rugs. Would like New Zealand, semi-worsted, or Indian type of woolen material to be used to make the carpets. The material is another difference between Hand tufted carpet and hand-knotted carpets. Fibers like bamboo silk, viscose, and jute make hand-knotted carpets.

Type of Hand Tufted Carpets

The type of Hand-tufted rugs depends on the patterns and designs. If you want to choose carpets for your interior, you will get various designs and prints.

Modern tufted carpets – These carpets are in trend patterns among other tufted carpets. The design of this carpet is a geometrical pattern.

Persian tufted carpets – These are good alternatives for hand-knotted Persian carpets. This carpet is equally beautiful as the traditional hand-knotted Persian carpets but also more budget-friendly than the traditional one. If you want a traditional Persian carpet but are unwilling to spend extra money, then Persian carpets are the ideal option.

Why Should you Choose Hand-Tufted Carpet for the Interior?

Now you know that type of rug from the above-mentioned part of the article. Let’s see the benefits of these carpets for your interior.

Several ranges of material – In modern times carpets are not only make by using wool. Other materials like Silk jute acrylic viscose polyesters make these carpets. All types are uniquely beautiful in their style.

Inexpensive – Generally, carpets are expensive, but Hand-tufted carpet is not as expensive as hand-knotted traditional ones. Anyone can buy these carpets to make their interior beautiful.

Durable – We normally think inexpensive materials are not durable. But rugs are not only expensive but also provide long durability.

Enough size – These carpets are generally larger than others. Also available in different shapes. Any style can be apply to this carpet: round, square, and many others. Because each evening style indefinitely enhances the beauty of the interior.

Colorful appearance – Another positive point of these carpets is their color combination. And you can select the carpets’ color according to the interior’s colors. Every color of this carpet complements any interior.

Amazing designs – These carpets are equally beautiful as traditional hand-knotting carpets. These carpets can perfectly duplicate the style and Designs. So you will not miss the traditional carpet style if you buy Hand-tufted carpet.

Slippery control – This is another benefit of a premium carpet. These carpets do not need any pads to support them. And this carpet always protects your steps from sleeping.

How to maintain the Cleanness of Hand-Tufted Carpet?

When you buy a luxurious carpet for your interior, it is essential to know the maintenance process. Here you will learn some tips to maintain to increase durability.

  • Do not wash these carpets to clean. Otherwise, it can damage the carpet. If you wash these carpets with water, then the glue will be watched through the water. And the entire carpet will become damaged as the wool will lose its grip.
  • Instead of washing, you can use a vacuum to clean the dirt from the carpets. 1 or 2-time vacuums in a month are enough to keep the carpet fresh and new.
  • To remove any stain from the carpet first plot the stain with paper travel and then use stain remover properly.

Hopefully, from the article, you know the necessary things for Hand tufted carpet. So buy good quality carpets and use these tips to maintain them properly to keep them fresh and new.