Dental Care tips for Kids to prvent Tooth Cavity & Gum Problems

Proper dental care begins before a baby’s first tooth appears. Teethes life cycle started from the 2nd month of Pregnancy. After birth Running a damp washcloth over a baby’s gums daily. It helps to clear bacteria. Parents can brush Kids teeth as they come in with an infant toothbrush, using water with just a smear of toothpaste until about age 2. When the first baby teeth start to pop up, you can graduate to a toothbrush. Choose one with a soft brush, small head, large handle. There are two sets of teeth milk teeth and permanent teeth. Milk teethes appears in the initial days of Kids. Permanent teeth comes near at the age of 7 to 9. Children usually have 20 milk teethes. Adults have 32 teethes. Tooth Cavity and dental erosion are two preventable causes of damage to kids teeth.

Tooth Cavity

In site our mouth many bacteria’s are residing. These bacteria digest some of the sugar in our food and drinks, making acids which weaken the tooth enamel. If this acid stay long time on tooth surface it causes Tooth Cavity.

Dental Erosion

Dental erosion is the gradual wearing away of the enamel on the whole surface of the tooth. It’s caused by acid attacking the surfaces of the teeth. These acids usually come from drinks such as fruit juices, fizzy drinks and squashes – even the sugar-free varieties.

Habits to prevent Tooth Cavity for Kids

  • Do regular checkup of your kids teeth from your family Dentist.
  • Try to avoid sweet kind of food at Night before to bed. In case you eat some sweet food before into bed, take brush and wash your mouth well.
  • Avoid putting infants and young children down with a bottle. Always ensure feeding has ceased before your child goes to sleep to avoid early infant tooth decay.
  • Advice your Kids to brush daily twice.
  • Ask your dentist about protective treatments such as fluoride supplements and fissure sealants.
  • Use dental floss daily from about 3-4 years of age.
  • Please do not put honey on dummies to get children to sleep.

Symptoms of Tooth Cavity

  • Tooth Cavity cause pain in your kids teeth.
  • Make it hard for your Kids to chew.
  • Make your Child embarrassed to talk or smile.
  • Cause problem for Permanent teethes.

It is hard for children under ten to clean their teeth properly. You will need to help at least once a day. If the bacteria have been on the teeth for a long time, the gums may bleed when brushed. This gingivitis tells you that the gums are unhealthy. To get them healthy again the gums need to be cleaned more often, even if they bleed when brushed.

If your Kid has a toothache or a hole in a tooth, take your Kid to the dentist immediately. Tooth Cavity can easily lead to an infection which is very painful for your Kids.

Is Fluoride safe for my child?

Yes, Fluoride is safe for children. Fluoride protects the teeth and using it early will provide extra protection for developing teeth. Find out if your tap water contains fluoride by calling your local water authority. If your tap water does not contain fluoride, ask your doctor to order fluoride drops for your infant.

Be sure to take your baby to a dentist by his or her first birthday, especially if there is a high risk for cavities or any other problems with his or her teeth. It is better for your child to meet the dentist and see the office before he or she has a tooth problem.