Simple Foot Massage Can Yield Surprising Health Benefits

Let’s face it; the part of your body that you neglect most is your foot. I know that when you’re testing the depth of water in a river, you’ll certainly use your feet in the absence of a stick. My question to you is very simple: do you ever consider that it’s your feet that carry you to places? I don’t need an answer to, but I expect you to do more to your feet.

Talking about giving your feet some luxurious treatment, you can do it and expect positive medical results. One such treatment is foot massage. You might be thinking that it’s expensive to enjoy such services; if that’s the case, then you can consider buying best foot massager in order to do it yourself. There are numerous health benefits, but I’ll restrict myself to the top ones.

Improves blood circulation

You cannot expect to have an improved blood circulation when most of the day you’re wearing closed footwear. However, if you start a regular massage of around 20 minutes before sleeping, then you can improve your blood circulation.

You may be asking how important a good blood circulation is to your life. Well, a better blood circulation will enhance proper functioning of your body organs thus a healthy life.

Lowers incidences of Ankle Injuries

Many people tend to seek medical treatment when in pain while they can forgo it and attain better results. You can achieve this through foot massage that will allow better flow of oxygenated blood in your body. The presence of fresh oxygen within your bloodstream can just promise a better health.

Have you ever asked yourself why top athletes normally go for a massage? They do this because if they fail to do it, then their muscles and joints risk becoming stiff and swollen. This can be a predisposing factor to foot injuries.

Increase Intimacy

You’re certainly married but if not then you have a partner whom only you can tell us your marital status. I don’t want to go deeper than that, but I’ll advise you to embrace regular foot massage with your partner before sleeping. This will be enjoyable and inexpensive as you’ll be doing it in turns on each other.

Studies indicate that massaging your enhances the release of the hormone oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for the desire of touching your partner. You know where this good feeling will lead you, don’t you? Start a program of regular foot massage, and you’ll have happy moments in your bed.

Leads to better Sleep

If I asked you if you know anyone with the problem of sleeping, you’d not fail to give a name and I suspect your name to come too. Many people go to bed and take long before falling asleep while others begin to sleep but keep on waking up. This can make seek the help of sleeping pills and natural sleep aids which are having harmful side-effects.

Research shows that a regular session of massage can heal insomnia. This happens because the massage relaxes your mind and diminish stress hence the sleep. It can be better when you do it around the solar plexus reflexes because it’s this point where stress lives.


It’s very clear that you can’t simply overlook this art of massage. I can continue to mention other twenty healthy reasons why you need to observe it. The best thing is that the exercise isn’t painful and at the same time presents no side-effects.