7 best Business News Apps (TOGGL or ACUMATICA) for your Smartphone

You work hard under the gazing heat of the sun to place even your shorter work to the reaching heights. What if when the question comes to business? Yes, definitely you work harder than you have planned in your Prodigy mind. What if you have been given the best options to expand your business by just some simple movements of your fingers? Definitely, you will not like to miss this golden opportunity and would work with full pace to move the heaven and the earth. Here are the best business News Apps for your smartphone that will accelerate your movement on the path.

So let’s begin the countdown.


Looking for a face to face contact with your client? Want to have a clear view of your product before the client? This app will let you have a complete description of your unique product before the public. This social app is so much flexible that you can establish the secure connection on any device. Now if you are away from your office and want to have a chat with your staff members then download this app and feel the difference. Download here SKYPE


With your business accelerating on the path the need of the accounting system to made precise is always the need one. With this awesome app, you can manage the accounts in a much more advanced manner and among its other features you can handle the orders and enter time cards. Download here ACUMATICA


It is not that the customers order the products during the business hours rather their orders are like the uninvited guest who arrives at the doorsteps with any alert and notification. If any problem arises with your customers then there must be always someone present to handle the situation and that time the need for this unique app becomes the most. It makes it easier to have a clear chat with your customers and a clear conversation about their queries. Download here HAPPYFOX


To upgrade any business from its root base to the heights you must have all the complete record of your products and the customers purchasing it. This particular stuff is the best one for you where you can have all your records in a much more secure manner. The app running on the rows and the columns and the data entering into the cells is always an eye catchy experience. So, have this app on your device and feel the difference. Download here MICROSOFT EXCEL


Do you want to stay updated while sitting in a meeting room and know what’s going around the world. Then here is the app which will save a lot of time called Awesummly. Its a short news app which will give you summrised news in just 60 words. It is India’s first ever app based on Artificial Intelligence. This add is ad-free and very lightweight and provides beraking news in 22+ different languages. Now you can read the news while travelling to your office. Download here AWESUMMLY


Upgrading your business from its root base to the bluish sky is not an easy job and depends on a number of factors for its success. Having the dependable staff members is always lucky who can sit many hours before the computer scratching their fingers and head to accelerate the growth of your business and you would always like to have a complete chat with them regarding all the selling of the products. This app allows you to create an endless number of tasks and share it with whomever you want. Now with the addition of the new, prodigy and the unique features you can delegate tasks to your staff members where you can keep an eye on them. Download here WUNDERLIST


With every second of time going you want to renew it to billable hours. This project management app will keep a track of all the projects and the clients handling it where you can view the colorful graphs and the beautiful sheets. Because all your staff members can use this awesome app you can easily divide the work to stay organized and not only view you can also sync through other project management apps to ease down your work. Download here TOGGL