Tips to Sweeping the floor with a best Broom

Today we want to give you some of tips in a task as daily as sweeping the floor, since many of us do not do it correctly, hence we have created this little tutorial, do you accompany us?

How to sweep the floor?

Before we start the task of Sweeping the floor it is very important to select a type of broom that suits us well for that type of work since, if we ignore this point, however much we put it and technique we have, the result will not be what you expect.

Types of Booming to Ground the Soil

Within the types of best broom to sweep the ground these are the most typical:

Traditional broom: They have the peculiarity that they are organic, usually of some vegetal fiber and for that reason they are the softest of all, stores the flexible bristles and for that reason, they are suitable for interiors. As for its shape, there are wide and rounded, flat, rectangular, and in almost any shape, you can imagine.

Plastic fiber broom: They are usually rectangular, have a fiber made of some soft plastic and present with short bristles and less flexible than organic ones. They look great for interiors but do not last anything outdoors. On the other hand, they work very well with hair, but do not get too well with small spaces or corners.

Outdoor Broom: They are visibly larger and the bristles are usually of some metallic element. They are specially designed for the exterior, to sweep into stone or cement large surfaces, and hence their design which, instead of relying on picking, is based on pushing the dirt.

Tips for Drying the Floor properly

Now that we have chosen the precise broom, we have to get down to work, here are our tips:

  • If you sweep in the interior of your house, the ideal is to start sweeping the corners and go to the center, so you will clean more deeply and you will be much easier to pick up the dirt.
  • The handle of the broom is very important, it must be so long that you can sweep erect, that is why, and we recommend the long handles, as long as their weight does not become a hindrance.
  • On the other hand, it is necessary to maintain an upright posture but, if for some injury or for not having the proper broom you cannot keep it, the ideal is to flex the knees to sweep instead of going forward with the back that can bring you problems.
  • Once we start cleaning there are two slopes: Or you can go making small piles of dirt to go picking up slowly, or put everything in the center of the room.
  • Once you transfer the dirt from the ground to the picker, it is important to make the proper lever to avoid leaving dirt on the ground, for this you have to exert force, as well as against the picker, against the ground, to push all the dirt.

Of course, if you need a professional cleaning of your floor, just search in google and we will be happy to make a proposal.