The Rise of On-demand Apps during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus outbreak has caused a global economic downfall. The situation is very critical right now. Everyone is trying to find a solution to the pandemic. As per statista, there have been 16.47 million cases of COVID-19,which has been increasing rapidly. People do not have access even to the local grocery store or nearby restaurants. Read more to know Which on-demand apps are growing during the coronavirus outbreak?

With Governments imposing strict restrictions, people have to stay at home. Almost all people across the globe are practicing social distancing.

What are the on-demand services are growing during the coronavirus outbreak?

Coronavirus outbreak has adversely impacted various businesses. Businesses requiring face-to-face customer interaction are losing their grip over the market. But on-demand services are leading from the front via doorstep deliveries and contactless interactions when it comes to providing essentials during the lockdown.

Let us see how coronavirus has affected different businesses in the on-demand industry:

1. On-demand food delivery

As per statista, the on-demand food delivery segment in India projected to reach US$10,196m in 2020,which shows an increase in on-demand food delivery services. Even when people are confined to their homes, they are opting more for on-demand food delivery apps.

By using an on-demand food delivery app for your business, you can get exclusive benefits, such as speedy delivery of your orders. This will increase customer engagement.

2. On-demand grocery

Social distancing has become a necessity in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, the government has implemented lockdown in their respective countries, which made the grocery shop owners shut down their businesses. It has created the need for on-demand grocery shops.

Check out the following graph by statista, showing the growth in the on-demand grocery business in the USA.

3. On-demand healthcare facilities

The demand for doctors and medicines can’t be compromised in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is not possible for you now to go and see a doctor when you are sick. So, where hospitals are full of coronavirus cases, on-demand healthcare app services are a powerful medium that connects you with the doctor virtually and lets you book an online consultation with them.

People are now opting for online pharmacy as they have the fear of getting affected by the coronavirus due to the lack of social distancing. As per statista, spending on online healthcare services has increased in Russia. It has created an excellent opportunity to make your on-demand delivery business successful.

4. E-commerce facilities

As per statista, E-Commerce facility providers have managed to generate around 14.34 billion visits in march 2020. From this data, we can see a huge increase in on-demand services due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The E-Commerce industry has seen a huge transformation in their activities compared to the pre lockdown period. This change has happened due to lockdown and social distancing rules implemented by the government. A major portion of the consumer has availed the E-Commerce facilities via on-demand apps.

Changing consumer behavior has created the need for saving and convenience which will put considerable strain on E-commerce facilities. These transitions in consumer behavior are going to change the retailing landscape of E-Commerce facilities in the coming years.

5. Logistics services

The businesses have to stop manufacturing activities due to COVID-19. This temporary business closure has reduced the demand for logistics services. As per statista, the logistics industry’s gross value added could be down 6.1 percent in 2020.

Many businesses are opting for alternative transport facilities and fulfillment capabilities,which may be time-consuming. The shipping industry and airline services are also facing problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Restrictions on delivery timings are going to complicate the work schedules, which will increase the shortage of drivers. This may increase the workload of existing drivers and also making it tough for businesses to retain their drivers.

An efficient on-demand delivery solution solves the logistical issues by offering the route planning facility, real-time tracking software, and driver assignment to the logistics companies. An on-demand delivery app can also do the route optimization for the drivers.

Why are on-demand businesses rising during the coronavirus outbreak?

1. Helpful in maintaining social distancing

Businesses across the globe are leveraging the on-demand app services to maintain the social distancing norms imposed by the governments.

Video streaming apps have seen unprecedented growth too as people are forced to spend the whole day at home.

Many businesses have joined the bandwagon and launched on-demand app services for daily household chores like laundry service and on-demand housekeeping services.

2. Availability of choices without Stepping Out

There are endless possibilities for an on-demand delivery solution in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The customer always likes to choose from a wide range of options. An on-demand delivery solution provides multiple options to customers in just a few clicks on their smartphones, without stepping out of their homes.

On-demand apps help the customer in making the right purchase decisions as one can easily get food,groceries,healthcare,entertainment delivered at their doorsteps.

3. A great relief to customers

On-demand businesses have been successfully prospered during the time of the pandemic. They have earned a large customer base and also built trust by offering sincere services.

On-demand delivery apps are catering to the basic needs of people that are important. On-demand food delivery businesses also ensure that the restaurant from where you are ordering the food satisfies the government rules properly.

On-demand grocery apps are helping people in buying basic essential products so that at least the people make a proper meal.

Wrapping up

COVID-19 is not just a pandemic, but also putting the on-demand businesses at high alert. On one hand, small businesses are finding it hard to survive with the current scenario, while on the other hand, on-demand app development services are seeing a hike in demand.

No matter in which industry you are working, on-demand apps can provide you the way to reach your consumers and provide doorstep deliveries by keeping in mind the safety and hygiene of employees and customers.

If you think that developing an on-demand app for your business is a bit complicated, then it is the right time to hire app developers for getting a perfect real-time solution for your on-demand business.

Author’s BioMushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft which is one of the leading Taxi dispatch software. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.