Right Time to include Mouthwash in your Oral Care Regime

Often people include mouthwash in their oral care regime unnecessarily. In fact, they never know the actual function and benefits of using mouthwash. Also they are unaware when the right time to use it. This leads to numerous dental worries and conditions unprecedentedly for which they have to tinkle the pocket to seek right treatment on time.

Otherwise, your dental health will continue to degrade and decline. At that time, there is little to nothing to do to prevent premature falling of your teeth. Here’s we are going to break your myths of using mouthwash and let you know something sheer clear about it. So, let’s get started.

The myth of mouthwash

Each one is well aware of the daily oral care routine and one should brush 2 times and floss one time in a day. If anyone wants they can make use of interdental brushes as well. All these complete the at-home dental care regimen. However, there might be something wrong as well.

There are many people use mouthwash as their part of oral care routine. But you shouldn’t do that unless you are advised by the dental hygienist or dentist. Mouthwash is never needed to keep teeth and gums healthy in the long run.

Although it makes you feel fresh after using mouthwash but it is less effective in addressing numerous dental issues like dental erosion, bad breath and much more. Certain specific occasions are there when dentist itself recommends the use of mouthwash and you can get handy of the most suitable one according to your dental needs.

Mouthwash and its types

Check the ingredients contain in a mouthwash before buying it. Although the bottle might be labelled with “whiter teeth” or “fresher breath” but never buy it until you find it has fluoride. Otherwise, it will cause no benefit to your teeth.

Some mouthwashes have cetylpyridinium chloride which is the main culprit to irritation and discolouration of the teeth. Mouthwashes with chlorhexidine are sometimes prescribed to the patients but only for a limited time period to treat dental infection related to tooth extraction and gum inflammation or gingivitis. They too can cause tooth staining and therefore it is not suitable for everyone.

This kind of mouthwash has the ability to destroy good bacteria which are present there in the mouth weakening the oral microbiome resulting in tooth decay. Mouthwash with acid stabilising agent prolongs the shell life but acids can wear away the enamel making the teeth more vulnerable to decay.

So, stay away from using those mouthwashes. People taking regular medication encounter sensitivity and dry mouth which is why they use mouthwash. It gives extra fluoride that fight against xerostomia.

Alcohol-based mouthwash is not ideal one to use as it exaggerates irritating sores and dry mouth. Or else you can try out chewing sugarless gum as the better substitute as it can neutralise the acid of your mouth promoting saliva production.

Right time for using mouthwash

If you are obsessed with the usage of mouthwash then can’t think of daily oral care routine without it then you must use the one rich in fluoride and free from alcohol. Also adapt to use it after every meal for washing away the food particles for having a boast of freshness on the go.

Certain times when you are outside and unable to brush the teeth it will help you to cope up with foul smell in your mouth and fighting against plaque and trapped food debris. However never use mouthwash right after brushing your teeth as it may wash away fluoride which you receive from toothpaste. Remember, it is the key component which protects the teeth in every possible way.

Next Step

Ignoring any dental concern including bad breath, not practising good oral care and missing the regular dental visits can cause severe dental problems which become highly expensive to treat.

Start your journey towards healthy teeth and mouth with regular checkups by dentist at St Albans Dental Clinic. Never hesitate to raise your oral concerns and problems in front of the dental team at the clinic. The individual reviews given by the patients are the real strength of this clinic as they offer immaculate care to them.