Best free Android Apps to Download from Google Play Store

History Eraser

While you multitask on your smartphones; switching between one app to another, the process consumes a lot of your phone memory. Even, after closing the app, each app puts some of its information in the phone memory in the form of cookies, cached data etc. As the consequence, your Smartphone starts loosing it smartness as all this, unnecessary junk information on your phone memory, slows the processing power of your device.


CLEAN HISTORY is an advantageous app that smartly cleans all the unnecessary information stored on your device from time to time. It automatically detects your preferred Apps and only keeps the data of those apps.

Here are some detailed features:

  • Clear app caches
  • Clear browser history
  • Clear browser cookies
  • Clear Clipboard Data
  • Clear Google search History
  • Clear call logs periodically
  • YouTube video history
  • Clear Frequently called history
  • Delete Spam call logs
  • Delete Spam texts

Evernote Food

Just like the classy Evernote; the Evernote Food app is yet another perk from the developers for its world wide fans. The proficient app focuses solely on your Food Fetish. This App is designed to keep the track of your favorite cuisines. It smartly finds the best Restaurants across you, which is serving your favorite food. If you are looking for any recipe, you don’t need to Google it now.


Evernote Food finds the exact recipes, which you are looking for. Not only this, the health –beneficiary feature of the app, guides you on how much calories to take to remain fit. Therefore, You are always on the track of being healthy. This critically acclaimed app is a must download app on your App store.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe has always been a monopoly, when it comes to Photoshop Apps. Adobe Photoshop Touch is the most contemporary installment by the The Adobe Developers in the world of Photo editing market. This magnificent apps is crammed with enormous smart features, which makes it a class apart from others. It brings the high –level, which was once could only be possible on the PC, to the Mobile platform, with the supplement of features like Marquee selection, Stamp, Magic wand, Premium tools, ability to control curves, layers, levels etc.


All this bulky feature is combined very sweetly, to give you an easy interface experience. Furthermore, this effective app, also gives you an option to use cloud storage by using Adobe’ Creative Cloud.

Ginger Keyboard App

Does sending texts with spelling and grammatical errors frequently embarrass you? The Ginger is a must have Grammar check app, which you should wait any more time to download, if you haven’t installed it yet. Ginger Keyboard is designed to accurately detect your writing mistakes and eventually correct them spontaneously. Its word prediction feature makes your typing more precise and efficient, giving you the rapidness in your fingers.


With around 10 millions downloads so far, the app has captured the trustworthiness among the users. Some of the significant qualities of this Mind-Blowing app are Proofreading, Text Reading, Advanced inbuilt Dictionary, Advanced Rephrasing and Translation feature.



The clipper is a sturdy App, which effectively manages your Clipboard. It automatically saves everything you copy in the separate folder, which you can access later on at your convenience. You can subsequently view, edit and share them with others. This Clipboard app is very nicely built with an easy interface, which makes it fast and easy to access. There is a premium upgrade feature, which gives you the add-on advanced features, which are, online clipping Syncing, unlimited clippings, search, dynamic values and new options.


Google Goggles is the best productivity app, which is officially developed by Google developers. Basically, it is the QR CODE Reader Application, which accurately scans bar codes to extract product information.


The other unique feature of this app is, it smartly examines the pictures taken by you and search an associated result page with the relevant information for you. Thus, it provides you with the whole depth of the information related to your favorite images.



Google keep is a powerful all-rounder kind of productivity app. Using this efficient app, you can write notes, make to-do lists, click pictures, record audio notes etc. Google Keep, like its name always lets you KEEP on the track. The app is very popular for its efficient functionality. So, if you are looking for a productivity app with almost every feature, then you should definitely go for it. The Google Fit Activity Direction can monitor your your different physical activities like talking, running etc.

Event Flow Calendar Widget


Event Flow Calendar Widget is the most modernized calendar app, which supports multiple customization options. This app makes sure, that you never miss on your important tasks, schedules and appointments. You have an option to customize the widgets in either Month view mode or Agenda based mode. You must download this app, if you are looking for a dynamic and efficient calendar based app.



This Vibrant app gives a glorious dimension to your Smartphones depending on your likability. This app enables you to customize app notifications in accordance with multiple colors (LED LIGHT). So, now you can set different color notification for different app alerts like Text alerts, Missed call alerts, email alerts, Facebook notifications and many more. Moreover, it gives you an option to set notifications based on your urgencies. So, for instance, if your phone is running out of battery, it will only show the notifications, which are urgent to you at that particular moment.