Do you know What Happens if your Skin is Over Exposed to the Sun?

Go more into the Sunlight, You will get more vitamin D“, you might have heard this several times. It is a popular opinion that the more you spend time under the sunlight, the more beneficial it is. This is actually a false assumption. Overexposure to the sun is not beneficial to the body. Do you know that you can be prone to various diseases if you are spending so much time in the sunlight?

It is true that sun rays have vitamin D. You should also remember that along with vitamin D sun rays also possess harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays). Too much exposure to UV rays will cause serious damage to your skin. Here the fact is morning sun rays (from 4:30 to 6:30am) contains Vitamins while day time Sun rays contains high UV. As a health concern try to avoid sun rays from 11: 30 to 3:30pm.

Few effects of Overexposure to the Sun

During sunny days we have many works in outdoors. Too much sun exposure can cause a serious illness like Sunburn, Dehydration, Hyponatremia, Heat exhaustion and Heatstroke.

Heat Strokes

These are very common during the winters. When we are exposed to the sun for a long time, the body fluids get evaporated. This causes serious dehydration. The person may faint and go into a temporary unconscious state. Untreated heat strokes can be life threatening. Heat stroke increases the body temperature very quickly, like just in 10 to 15 minutes. It causes severe tiredness, weakness, dryness of throat, hot and dry skin, and excess sweating.

Person affected by heat stroke must stay in a cool and shady place , should consume fluids frequently and take energy inducing foods and medications. While walking if you notice you are getting loops immediatly go to a safe and cool place.

Sun burns or Exposed to the Sun

Sunburns are caused due to the ultraviolet rays present in the sunlight. Skin exposed to direct sun for about 4 to 5 hours will cause sun burns. Severe redness of the skin is one of the symptoms of sun burns. Other symptoms of sunburn are Reddish skin, Swelling and Fatigue. Sometime in Critical cases you will notice symptoms like Rashes, Nausea, Fever, Dizziness and Chills. They also lead to swellings, pain in the affected areas, and at times blisters. Severe sun burns also cause flu, headache, nausea and fever. Timely Treatment of sunburns is essential to avoid infections and other consequences in the future.

To pevent your skin from sun burn use sun creams while visiting outdoor. Use cotton hand gloves. During noon use sun glasses. With naked eyes harmful rays can damage your retina.


This is one of the worst effects of over exposure to the sunlight. Tanning is the discolouration or the darkening of skin exposed to the sun. Tan is a sign of damaged skin cells. People in some parts of the country are going crazy about tanning. They are even opting for artificial ways to tan their skin like tanning beds, tanning sprays, etc.

Tanning beds are as harmful as the sun. Ultra violet rays from any source are harmful to the skin. The UV rays enter your body and damage the DNA present in your skin cells. Tan is just a layer of damaged skin cells. Untreated or accumulation of tan can lead to burning of the skin and eventually skin cancer. It is believed that tanning is one of the major reasons for skin cancer.

There are various ways to remove tan from your skin. Though exfoliation, deep cleaning and other procedures are beneficial to some extent, they don’t remove all the damaged skin cells without its traces. It is only possible to clear all the tanning through a few treatments available in various hospitals across the country. One amongst these is the Tan removal treatment in Pune.

Heat rash

A heat rash is the formation of small blisters on the skin. This is caused when the sweat ducts under the skin get clogged and the sweat cannot come out of the skin. This causes inflammation and blisters. This is also known as prickly heat. These itchy tiny pimples may lead to infections. It is recommended to treat them by applying medicated powder in that area and by keeping the skin dry. Staying in cool areas instead of hot and humid areas will help in curing the heat rash faster.

To avoid heat rashes wear loose cotton cloths, practice to use lightweight bedding, 2 to 3 times take showers and drink plenty of water and fruit juices. To treat heat rashes you can apply hydrocortisone cream.

Wrinkles or aging

It is common to get wrinkles as we age. But overexposure to the sunrays causes early aging and can also form wrinkles on your skin much before you actually turn old. The UV rays damage the collagen and elasticity of the skin cells resulting in fragile skin. This can lead to sagging and early wrinkle formation. This might make you look older than your age.

Today Sun rays are high in UV. High UV causes brown spots and pigment irregularity. In our skin high sun rays broken capillaries and red blotches. Which results fine lines.

Other effects of excess exposed to the Sun include:

  • Formation of freckles on the skin
  • White cysts and blackheads
  • Uneven complexion of the skin
  • Patchy skin
  • Skin cancer
  • Eye injuries (Due to UV)

Overexposure to the sun rays not only damage the appearance of the skin, it destroys the tissues and other genetic material present inside the skin cells. It is advised to avoid exposure to the afternoon sun, since the sun is at its peak at noon. If your profession does not allow you to stay away from sun rays, it is better to go for regular skin treatments like the tan removal treatment in Pune to reduce the risk of serious diseases. Use fruit facials during weekends. With your regular diet plan eat Vitamin E rich foods and capsules.