Grow your Eyelashes and Eyebrows using Dyes, Make-Up or Eye-Shadow

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How to grow Sparse Eyebrows?

You might have noticed that some individuals have very light eyebrows. It appears that they don’t have eyebrows even in the slightest degree. Also, there are a bunch of people who color their hair and then want their eyebrows to be of the same shade. There are numerous techniques that you will follow to darken your eyebrows. A well-defined and dim eyebrow can revolutionize the look of your face and make you look youthful and alluring. Here is a handful of stuff you will do to induce those fuller and darker looking eyebrows.

How am I able to darken my Eyebrows?

1. Darkening Eyebrows with the help of Dyes

One of the most effective ways to darken your eyebrows is to use synthetic dye. You can perform technique efficiently at your home or a beauty salon. You can dye your eyebrows by following the following steps:

  • If you want to color, color, your eyebrows at your home by yourself, then check that to use a product for the eyebrows and not for scalp hair.
  • You should try to choose a color that is a few shades lighter your natural hair color because the shade of hair and eyebrows isn’t the same.
  • If you color your eyebrows too dark or same shade as your hair, then it will look quite unnatural.
  • If you are painting your eyebrows at home, then blend the color as directed on the packaging and also leave the dye to work its magic as given on the pack.
  • These dyes are synthetic and loaded with chemicals, so make sure not to get in contact with eyes as they may harm your eyes.

2. Darkening Eyebrows using Make-Up

Another effective way of darkening your eyebrows is to use various beauty products available in the market. You’ll be able to utilize makeup, eye-shadow, and makeup to boost your eyebrows to enhance your eyebrows. It is not a permanent technique and may need to do a few touch-ups to keep your eyelashes perky.

  • After you are done with your own makeup, take a mascara brush and dip it just once in the mascara tube.
  • Brush off the product from the brush to get a small quantity of the product.
  • Brush your eyebrows lightly with the mascara stick and give a little touch up once in a while to make your lashes look fuller.
  • Make certain to apply the make-up strictly on the eyebrows.
  • Give a retouch after some hours to seem attractive all day.
  • While doing make-up, take the mascara brush and dip it once in the tube.
  • Sometimes a little touch bit of touch-up is needed to make.

3. Darkening Eyebrows with the help of Eye-Shadow

Another method to get fuller looking eyebrows is to apply eye shadow. It’s one in all the foremost convenient and straightforward methodology to achieve excellent eyebrows. However, a giant disadvantage of this methodology is that you may have to redo it more frequently.

  • Take a thin brush and also dip it in the eye shadow that matches the most with your brows.
  • Just one stroke of the brush can provide fuller wanting eyebrows.
  • Make sure not to wipe off any powder that may fall on your cheeks.
  • Do this one to 2 times a day to stay vibrant all day long.

How to Outline and Fashion your Eyebrows?

  • If you want to get the perfect eyebrows, then the primary factor you would like to try is to form your eyebrows according to the shape of your face. You can quickly achieve the desired shape using scissors, tweezers and thread.
  • Then you can use an eyebrow pencil to define the shape of your eyebrows. It is easier to convey further dimension and add volume to your eyebrows by using a pencil.
  • Then you can use the perfect shade of eye shadow to fill in any spaces in your eyebrows. It will conjointly provide one more volume to your eyebrows.
  • You can even apply the gel on your eyes. It has two benefits, firstly you can get fuller looking eyebrows and secondly, your eyebrows will not need a touch up too often.
  • Lastly, apply a thin coat of mascara to administer your lashes a natural look.

Perfectly shaping your eyebrows is not an easy job. It needs tons of patience, and also the most significant things to notice is that every face requires a different eyebrow shape. Identify the shape that suits best on your face and then styles your eyebrows accordingly.

Well-groomed eyebrows can change the entire look of your face and look of your face, and it will create or break your makeup look. Never take your eyebrows without any consideration. Shape them always!

Some of the tips for getting fuller and darker looking eyebrows naturally

Use Henna – Henna is one of the most common and natural forms of dye used by women from all over the world. You can combine henna with many drops of essential oils and then let the mixture sit for some hours till the dye develops color. Once the henna batter is ready, apply it carefully on your eyebrows to get a fuller look. The effects of henna last for a nearly long period. However, one amongst the most crucial disadvantage of using henna is that it takes longer time to color the brows, which is a lot! It is the main reason why most beauty technicians ditch natural henna and go for artificial dyes.

Henna gives a burgundy or red ting to your eyebrows. It is least expensive and safe thanks to color your eyebrows. Even the natural vegetable-oil based dyes contain chemicals, so it is better to choose henna if you want all natural dye.

Coffee for Natural Brows – Another naturally occurring substance that can redefine your eyebrows is coffee. For this DIY coffee concoction, you have to mix cocoa powder, coconut oil, coffee, and honey. Formulate a thick paste using these natural ingredients and then apply it on your brows using an angled brush or a q-tip. Make sure to apply this mix only within the boundary of your eyebrows. Keep it for twenty minutes on your brows and then rinse it off completely. It will give you thick looking eyebrows without using any chemical.