Simple Makeup ideas for Girls to look like a Celebrity

Beauty is the most essential factor that everybody strives for. Who do not want to look gorgeous? Be it man or woman everybody vies for the enchanting charm of a celebrity. The celebrities are become the role model of thousands of common laity. The charm, grace, and the style that celebrities carry are matter of appreciation. There will be less people who can say with pride that he/she has not influenced by the captivating aura of a celebrity persons. The celebrities earn this elegance of outer look and refinement through meticulous care of the body and pursuing some adorable makeup tips. They are not out of this world. However, with a proper makeup tips you can also gain a praiseworthy attire and charisma of a celebrity that you long for. There are some effective makeup tips that can jazz up your look to feel special. Let us take a look on Simple Makeup ideas for Girls.

Pretty Makeup

The elementary rule to sport a pretty look is to keep your makeup subtle. For this first you need to clean your face with a cleanser. Apply moisturizer all over the skin and massage thoroughly. Apply the foundation according to the skin color to brighten up the look. For the oily skin, it is better to use a semi transparent powder that will absorb the excess oil and retain the shine for long.

Take a concealer that goes well with your skin tone and conceal the dark circles under your eyes through a brush. To brighten up the features of the eyes, use eye shadow on the eyes from the upper lash line. Eyeliner will help you showcase the beauty of your bright eye. However, you can opt for matching eye shadow along with your dress to look more stunning.

Choose a blusher according to your dress or the occasion and apply on your cheek bone to look more appealing. Without a lipstick the makeup never completes. Therefore, select a lipstick that goes well with your skin tone and complements your personality as per the event.

If you want to dazzle like a celebrity then know some tactics that most of the famous personality practices:

Showcase the Curves

We admire celebrities for their commendable shapes and curves, which have been highlighted through appropriate and strategic makeup. It is not that every super star born with superb look and appeal. You should know your plus point. It may be your nose, eyes, cheek bone, lips or other. Once you are aware of your most appealing asset, try hard to reflect it more attractive way along with proper make up.

Opt for the Long Lashes

Long eye lashes are something that defines your eyes in more charming way. It has become the craze of fashion mongers. You can select them according to your liking and put them on just the outer corners of your eyes.

Glows Are the Best

Illuminisers are there that can surpluses the charm of your skin. Apply lip glows especially on the lips once you are done with applying lipstick. It makes your lip looks like pulpy and juicy.

Opt for Contrast Shades

It is better to indulge in contrast shades to look more eye-catching. If you are going to wear the black color then a golden eye shadow and red lipstick can enhance your charm. You can select a cocktail color nail paint to go with all kinds of colors and dress. The market is flooded with varied colors. You can paint your nails in sync with the dress, or in contrast, it is up to you. However, you should have good color sense to avoid looking dull or vulgar.

Draw the Outlines

Before applying lipstick it is better to draw the outlines to highlight your lips in a striking way. Same goes with your eyes as well. It is better to draw the outlines before applying eye shadow.

Apart from the mentioned tips, there are other things that also come in. The makeup of day differs a lot from the night makeup. You should opt for lighter shades for a day’s event. Pursue a sober and light makeup for a sunny day. However, night’s getup always demands for brighter shades. Black, red, golden, and blue are some shades that goes well with an evening’s attire. This makes you the focal point of the functions. With a retro style also you can rock the floor. Just keep in mind makeup tips does not mean makeup to your face only. It combines an enthralling hair style along with glowing skin that helps you shine like a celebrity icon.