Working from Home and need Extra Data Package?

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, one change in the business that has been incorporated to maintain social distance is that of work from home. Majority of people are working from home now and as a result some of them are even found in need of extra data package to their Airtel postpaid plans. If you also at some point of time run out of data package and need to add some more, then a Smartbyte of Airtel can help you. This is especially helpful if you are starting off with a new postpaid connection by Airtel, since they can help you get additional data than your monthly limit.

Airtel’s Smartbyte was launched in 2011, but lately the well-acclaimed telecommunication brand has launched its Smartbyte add-on plans. This is suitable for those customers who look for more data than the already allotted one in their existing plans. The Airtel Smartbyte plans are best for those who need a lot of data on a particular period or may need extra data at higher speed until the next billing cycle of their Airtel postpaid connection.

How to top up data through Airtel’s Smartbyte?

Most Airtel new postpaid connection plans provide unlimited data as a part of the plan itself but they also have Fair Usage Policy (FUP) which is a data limit after which the data speed drops very low. If you want to buy additional high-speed data before your billing gets over, you must use the Smartbyte service offered by Airtel. To carry out the process, you have to log in to the Smartbyte page on the Airtel website. You then will have to click on the upgrade option available on the page. You will come across many plans there, out of which you have to choose one and get it added to your bill, which you pay at the end of the billing cycle. With just a few clicks, you can have access to the high-speed data.

Apart from that you may also activate Airtel Smartbyte on your postpaid account through the Airtel Thanks applications, which was previously known as the My Airtel app. With this you will get reminders of your account running low on data and also give you the option to purchase additional packs. This gets activated right after you reach the limit of your high speed data connection. Most new Airtel postpaid packages also have the feature of carrying forward the unused data from previous billing cycles, also known as a data rollover. This is further clubbed with data add-on which is a part of Airtel postpaid plans of INR 749 and higher monthly rental. With these new add-ons, the customers can get almost double the amount of high speed data than their monthly limit which should surely come in handy when they need it. Smartbyte is actually a smart choice for customers who want to remain within their budget and yet get the most data within their Airtel postpaid plan.