The ultimate Guide to Keeping your Horse in the best Physical Shape!

Horses can be great companions of human beings, and such stories can be found in real lives not just in fairy tales. Since historical era, human beings are staying closer to horses. We often use them as our mediums for transportation. As a medium of transportation horses were quite quick and reliable. However, those days have gone now, and today we do not use horses for transportation anymore. Today, we have modern cars or vehicles to move around, a thorough friendship between horses and human beings is not over yet. This relationship seems to be eternal. People love horse racing events, and they also ride horses occasionally.

Nurturing horses creates emotional attachment or connection between riders and horses. When it comes to nurturing horses, you should take care of the health of the ponies. If they stay healthy, they will be active. In the following section, we shall find some tips for managing the health of horses.

Scheduling Spring Check-up

The health of horses can fluctuate with seasonal changes. In other words, just like human beings and other animals, the body of a horse reacts differently with a change of climate. During spring, you need to schedule a few checkup sessions as this time is the most vulnerable time for horses to fall sick. If you contact an experienced physician for horses, the person shall guide you in scheduling the checking up sessions. During scheduled check-ups, various tests are conducted. Body mass, heartbeat rate, overall healthiness and many other aspects are examined.

In winter, horses do not participate in racing events, but in spring a lot of racing events are there to participate. Lameness throughout the winter and then suddenly getting prepared for the racing event in spring can be the reason behind various problems for horses. As per research, more than 90% of racing horses suffer from problems related to the leg or leg muscle.

Planning Diets for Horses

Proper dieting is the key to healthy and rejuvenated living. This is true for horses, human beings, and all other animals. Lack of enough nutrients can cause muscle and bone weaknesses. Racing horses tend to acquire various kinds of injuries. Lack of nutrients in the body can make them vulnerable to such injuries with ease. Different horses have different food preference. The quantity of food is also a big thing as it varies from one horse to another. Planning proper dieting chart is crucial for good performance on racing grounds for horses. If you check TVG past performances, you shall find that all well-performing horses had proper dieting schedule.

Guiding Principles

Training session for horses should be well planned. Abrupt training schedule may cause injuries to the horses. As per surveys, most of the racing horses acquire injuries during training sessions, not on the racing ground. Thus, horses should be trained under surveillance of experienced trainers.

Constant Monitoring Conditions

The health of horses should constantly be monitored otherwise it will be difficult maintain them in good health condition. Periodic checkups are needed, and this should be done throughout the year – not just during racing events.

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