How to Apply Date of Birth Certificate for Newborn in India?

It seems troublesome to apply for date of birth certificate for newborn in India, doesn’t it? Yet, everything is easy if we know the procedure and the things we need to prepare. Importantly, we don’t need to pay an agent for this application. It’s basically simple and clear, especially if we do this through the internet at Seva website. The process won’t take more than weeks. It can be done in normal process mode without hassles. First of all, we should prepare some documents required for our newborn baby. Let’s assume our situation is normal, with both parents live legally together and alive. There are five main documents that we need to prepare beforehand.

Documents Required

  • Birth Certificate that is published from government authority. We need to carry a copy of this document as well.
  • Proof of parents’ address. We can use our passport with a real address on it. It’s sufficient as a proof. If not, we can use any other IDs such as credit cards, utility bills, and others with the address on it. Also, carry a copy of this document.
  • Print and sign the registration form.
  • 1 passport photo of our baby. The background should be white.
  • The PSK prior arrangement receipt. We can use the printed copy of it.

Let’s Apply for Date of Birth Certificate for Newborn

If we have a baby in India, the foremost and first thing that we need to do is to apply for a newborn official document at the municipality bureau. Depending on where our baby was born we need to go to related government branch and register for a newborn certificate. Usually, the place (hospital) where our baby was born may ask us to fill out an outline and we should include all information thoroughly on that. It will be delivered to the government body or municipal office. Usually, the process takes 3 weeks to a month to get the certificate.

In this era, everything is online. Depending on the region we live, we are getting a date of Birth Certificate for Newborn that is signed digitally by using an application figure. We can check for information and details in the government site using this application figure. In fact, we can send parents’ passport copy for proof and spelling. Just make sure that our name and the baby’s have the right spelling. If not, there will be some issues in the future. We need to re-apply for a newborn certificate to make corrections for wrong name and address. Overall, we can get the Birth Certificate for Newborn within 1.5 months (normally).

Register an Account in PS (Passport Seva) Site

Creating an account at PS site is the most important part here. Visit the site and register for an account there. We won’t find the exact PSK center in the site, so we need to inspect further a little bit more. Just select the state where you live. When registering, we need to pick the correct part. It shouldn’t be misleading if we follow the instruction. The overall process is pretty regular and we need to make sure that all the information and the spellings are accurate. Make sure that we give a real email ID, as we need to activate the account through this email.

Print the Application Receipts

We should take a print out of the ARN. Carry the application receipt with us to the PSK office. Bring some cash to pay the fee. They may accept the fee in cash actually. We can follow the 4th step below if we want, but it’s optional. We can either take such step or not.

Book Appointment and Pay on PSK Site

Once we register, turn on, and also log in to our account, there will be some options to make an appointment (booking). Look at the left side of the website. There’s a section of service to schedule and pay appointment. We need to make a payment before we can make an appointment here. It’s advisable to use credit cards of major banks to save both time and energy. There will be no problems with this kind of payment as well. We can just pay first beforehand and not making any appointment. We can do this if we are unsure about our schedule.

We can make the payment and get the appointment later. We are able to wait for the perfect time to make an appointment or booking. Commonly, dates will be available 4 days before the actual time of appointment. So, it’s helpful for us to wait for the available slots to make the appointment. Moreover, there will be no hassles during the process. As we have made the payment, we can book it based on our convenient schedule. We don’t need to pay more for getting the perfect slot. Once we get the appointment, we need to print it out as we may need it to walk in PSK. Read the details on the appointment letter as well.

In summary, we can simplify everything by registering our newborn baby online. However, we should follow all the procedures to avoid hassles and future problems. Why is it important to get certificate for our newborn baby in India as well as to apply it on PSK site? Birth registration becomes a permanent record of a baby’s being. Those who don’t have this kind of legal certificate will be considered as illegal citizens. They don’t have the rights in a particular country, in this case, India. Without a birth certificate, kids will grow in discrimination as well as incapability to access public services.