FSSAI Guidelines for the License Registration Procedure

The first step to launch the food-related business is to register it under India’s government-owned body food safety and standards authority (FSSAI). This is a government-owned organization for supervision (FSSAI Guidelines), and it controls every Indian food-related business.

Some of the major tasks of the FSSAI are:

1. Establishing regulations to monitor and functioning Indian food enterprises, known as FSSAI guidelines.

2. Obtaining food business operators officially registered and licensed for the respective food business.

FSSAI Registration Necessity

Whatever be the operational food business you are setting up needs to come up with an FSSAI license. Whether it is into food production, refineries, stores, or distributions, one needs to have an FSSAI license or exporters or importers need to obtain the FSSAI license for export. Registration and license of FSSAI depend upon the magnitude and scope of the business.

The product of the business needs to contain a 14 digit license or registration number that provides details like the producer’s permit and the state responsible for assembling.

Method to obtain the FSSAI license

Depending upon the requirement of business based on the scale and place of the business, you need to have either the FSSAI license or registration. Significant factors, which take to the conclusion, are:

1. Revenues of the business.
2. Installed capacity of the business.
3. Places of business.
4. The owner’s residence.

The procedure of have an FSSAI license is relatively easy. Some of the methods and guidelines are mentioned below:

1. Firstly you may directly apply to the FSSAI online portal and manage everything by yourself,

2. Secondly, you may contact to FSSAI license Delhi consultant who quickly got you everything to and from your hands.

The process to apply directly is:

1. Apply online,
2. Obtain the application reference number
3. Generate the unique ID for the application
4. The premises will be inspected after the application and issues inspection report has been received.
5. After all the formalities are completed, after 60 days, the license will be granted.

Basic Documentation Required

For a basic, state and central license, one must submit certain documents; a photo ID proof and passport size photograph. Additionally, to have a central license or a state license, one needs to submit:

1. Government-issued ID for address proof
2. List of equipment with its capacity mentioned and quantity
3. List of products
4. Operation flow charts
5. NO
6. List of directors and partners
7. AOA and MOA
8. Water test reports
9. IE code

Some necessary points to remember

1. One unit needs an individual certificate only. Whether it is a handling or producing factoring of different varieties or various processes.

2. The central licenses certificate will be obtained or issued to those importers only at the address on their IE certificate.

3. Suppose the business is of a hotel or restaurant that wants to expand to more than one state. In that case, there is a necessity for a central license for the main branch and a state license or basic registration (as per the revenues) for the other separate units.