Tips to prepare Static GK or Quizs for your Bank Exams

Static general knowledge is one among the topics in all bank mains examination. Static GK is the facts that won’t be change anywhere. Candidates have to know about the basic general knowledge about our country, banks headquarters, state and their capitals, currency, population- census 2011, economic revolutions, major air ports and sea ports and so on. To knowing of these static general knowledge is very important for all the banking personals, that’s why these static GK questions was present in all mains level bank examinations.

To gear up their total score, candidates must have to prepare on these Static GK Topics. Revision is important as much as Preparation, because static GK topics are memory based one, we have to memorize it and answer static GK questions in examination. Here we have to give some tips for how to prepare static GK for bank exams.

Tips for How to prepare static GK for Bank Exams

  • First and foremost candidates have to gather the study materials for each topic of static GK.
  • Use some shortcut words or rhyming words to remember the facts and details of static general knowledge topics.
  • Frequently revise you static GK preparation by taking mock test or model question paper practice.
  • Use separate study plan for each static GK topic and work on it.
  • Along with study materials, aspirants try to read some magazines, newspaper and other old year books.
  • For important facts in static GK topics just make a note on it for future revision purpose.
  • Go through previous question papers of competitive exams and try to answer the static GK questions.

Candidates those who want to prepare on static gk topics for bank exams try to follow above tips to score more marks in general awareness static GK section. For important topics of static GK we have mentioned some topics below, candidates have a look on it and gather study materials based in the static GK topic.

Country – Capital – Currency | Important Days with theme | List of banks CMDs – HQ – Taglines | International Organizations – HQ and its Heads | Census 2011 | Indian Rivers and Cities | Small Financial Banks – HQ and Heads | Important boundary Lines | Thermal & Nuclear Power Plant | Cabinet ministers and their constituencies | Important wildlife sanctuaries and national parks | Indian High courts and locations | Major Air ports and sea ports | Research and Educational Institutes of India | Important Awards and their fields | Important temples and tombs in India | Indian States – CM – Governor | Longest – Highest- Largest (river, mountain) | Important revolutions | Important stock exchanges | Sports and trophies | Important Palaces and museums and its location | Different types of dances | Banking terminology and denomination of notes | Important Dams

Click Here for Important Static GK Quiz in PDF

We hope the above mentioned details about static GK will helps you to get prepared on the topics. Get prepared and practice on static GK topics to score more marks in your exams.

All the Best!