Fastest internet Technologies like GPRS or Li-Fi or 5G or Wi-Fi

There was an age when the whole village have only one telephone in the village, and all the poor villagers use that one. As age make journey towards technology, new things developed, new technology comes and the life of every human from little child to an old man becomes very reliable and easy. Well that type of matter is connected with technology of internet connections. In the begging people use very slow internet connection but as well as technology developed the speed of internet becomes fast to faster and still in process from faster to fastest. Let’s have a little look Internet connection history and some upcoming fast internet technologies.


GPRS, extend as (General Packet Radio Service) this is the medium by which we can connect easily to GPS and World Wide Web. That was first technology introduce for the use of internet, GPRS provides data rates of 56–114 Kbit/second. It is still in use of low quality mobile phone which are not supported high internet connections.

2G and 3G

2G stands for (Second Generation), and this technology was launched in the year 1991 in Finland, America. 2G technology use the TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) for internet access.

3G technology or (Third Generation), is still new technology in some countries. But it was first introduced and used in Japan in the year 2001, and the standard of this technology was ITU (International Telecommunication Union). That was the age when the special mobile phones were introduce for this technology.

4G and 5G

4G and 5G technologies comes very fast after introducing 3G, and both are technologies are same there is little difference of speed between both technologies. 4G and 5G stands for (Fourth Generation and Fifth Generation), and comes the evolution of LTE (Long Term Evolution)and 5G is NGMN (Next Generation Mobile Network). 4G technology is available in the whole world and 5G is available in some developed countries. Well after coming this usage of mobile phones and networks are increase in number as well as its make life easy in every department of life especially in communication.

Wi-Fi and Li-Fi

Wi-Fi uses the WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) to access the World Wide Website and other networks. Mobile Phones, Cameras, Tablets, Watches, and Laptops even we can find Wi-Fi router in some other unbelievable machines like washing machine. Wi-Fi is wireless network which allow users to connect through internet every part of world where he/she wants. Speed of Wi-Fi depends upon internet package or your internet provider and may increase or decrease according to package.

Li-Fi is upcoming technology and a lot of companies are working on this technology, according to media news it has been introduced in few countries. But Li-Fi is the fastest technology form all the technologies we discussed above. The human of modern age will use it by the help of LED, bulb or any other light the speed of Li-Fi is 150 Mbps. Which is very higher speed then Wi-Fi.