Ultimate Grab-and-Go Lunches that will Change your PG life in Delhi

As a student or a young professional in Delhi, your life is really busy. You’ve got a lot going on at work, a blossoming social life, your personal interests and a lot more to handle. And being that busy means that there’s something that gets neglected in the process you. Think about all those missed meals and unhealthy snacks you’ve used to tide yourself over the hunger pangs in the middle of a complicated project. And what about all the breakfasts you’ve skipped in your single room PG in Delhi because you just had to be out the door.

We get it, you have a lot on your plate. And it’s time to ensure that your literal plate is filled too, with nutritious and tasty foods. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of on-the-go recipes that you can make again and simply take with you before you head off to school or work. They’re fuss free and easy to make in bulk, so you can get all the preparation done in advance over the weekend. And trust us, they’re going to be a lot tastier, healthier, and more affordable than the snacks and meals you’ve been ordering.

Cold Salads

One of the easiest things to eat on busy days are salads, especially since they’re light and won’t leave you feeling bloated or sleepy in the middle of a workday. But we know a lot of people aren’t a huge fan of leafy greens that become soggy in the dressing. That’s why a grain salad is ideal. For this recipe you need a cup of cooked grains (you can choose from quinoa, bulgar wheat, barley or even chickpeas), one diced cucumber, half a diced onion, a cup of sweet corn, one diced red bell pepper, one diced tomato and half a cup of feta cheese. Stir together with a dressing of lemon juice and olive oil and season to taste. The easiest and quickest salad for you to make ahead and portion through the week.

Green Smoothie

Smoothies aren’t just for breakfast, they also serve as great work lunches, especially when you’re caught between classes or meetings all day and don’t have time for a sit-down meal. Simply grab your travel cup or flask and gulp down your lunch with this green smoothie. You need very few ingredients and even less time to make this recipe. Take two cups of leafy greens of your choice. Wash them well and blend with a little water until there are no more visible chunks. Then add in a diced cucumber and a sliced banana. You can even add half a mango or some pineapple for additional sweetness. Blend until smooth and pour it into your flask or bottle. It’ll be ready before you can even say “lunch”.

Easy Sandwiches

Whoever said sandwiches are boring, just haven’t found the right sandwich yet. There’s a reason this is the most popular lunch item across the entire world, and it is 100% because of convenience. A sandwich is the ultimate grab-and-go lunch and there’s pretty much an endless number of ways you can make one. From a simple PB&J to a grilled cheese to a sub to a panini to hot dog to a burger, sandwiches can take many shapes and forms. And we can guarantee you that the one you’re going to make for yourself is going to be tonnes better than the street food in Delhi in terms of quality and nutritional value. And if it is street food you’re craving, here’s a recipe for a Bombay style street sandwich that will definitely be a great work lunch for you. You will need buttered white bread, green chutney (feel free to make your own or nick some from your PG kitchen), sliced cucumber, sliced boiled potatoes and a sliced tomato. Spread the green chutney on your buttered bread and lay on the veggies in a single layer. Season to taste with salt or chaat masala. Press the second slice of bread on top to complete your sandwich. You can even cut off the crusts to give it the more traditional look.

And there you have it. Three ridiculously easy grab-and-go lunch recipes to ensure that you never go hungry again. Try them out and you’ll see that you don’t have to skip lunch, even on your busiest days.