Top 10 Tiles Manufacturing Companies in India

Tiles Manufacturing Companies – Last month, I attended a wedding ceremony in Chandigarh of a former colleague. She worked with me for three years at my present company. A couple of other colleagues were also attending the ceremony with me. All of us had planned the visit together. Apart from attending the wedding, we also wanted to feel the city we love.

My ancestral village is near Ropar which I would also visit. After the ceremony, we attended the reception hosted at a beautiful resort. The ambience was awesome along with sumptuous food. And they also served a wide variety of beverages. Mellifluous music was soothing the guests. We took a couple of drinks and then sat down to have dinner.

I served myself a roasted chicken and sat down with a glass of red wine. Sooner we were joined by the groom and the bride. Let me remind you bride is our colleague if you have lost the drift. Guests surrounded us on all sides. The bride started talking if we were enjoying the food and all of us answered in affirmative. Then, she explained that they had a plot of land in Mohali.

Someone asked me if I used to work with the bride. I answered that she worked with me at one of the most prestigious oxygen generation plant companies in India. She left the company after three year.

Then, the bride chimed in saying that it was at there that she came to know about my knowledge of tiles and other home accessories.

Now the guests got really confuse. It is really surprising for someone working in an oxygen plant design and manufacturing company having such excellent expertise in identifying quality of tiles.

It gets even more interesting when you display intimate knowledge of the top 10 tile manufacturing companies in India.

To ease their confusion, I confided to them I had been working with one of reputed tile making company before joining the present company. “Here you go!” exclaimed one of the guests.

Afterwards, I discussed with them about what to look for when you go for shopping for tiles. At the outset, it is imperative that you must have in mind what type feel and look you are aiming.

A lot depends on the type of look you want to achieve. No doubt, the flooring or wall tiling must gel in with your personality. Guests had started to leave. We also took leave of our hostess and left for my native village near Ropar.

List of best Tiles Companies in India

Kajaria Ceramics Ltd

Kajaria Ceramics Ltd is the No. brand in manufacturing and supplying all kinds of tiles. Their variety can help you achieve whatever look you want to achieve. The company came into prominence in the early nineties when our economy was opening up.

Since then, its growth story has kept going north. I recommended the tiles from Kajaria at the wedding in Chandigarh. The company has installed manufacturing plants in various states including Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat.

Somany Ceramics

It is one of the best companies that manufactures and provides high quality tiles including polished vitrified, wall, digital, glazed, etc. The products of the company are of high quality with very competitive prices. In certain aspects, their portfolio matches the best in the world.


It is a reputed tile making company that manufactures tiles with technology imported from a UK group. The company introduced vitreous china sanitary ware in India. They provide products such as floor tiles, bathroom fittings and numerous other products.

HR Johnson Tiles

HR Johnson Tiles is a reputed brand in home improvement sector offering wide range of products. The business generates excellent sales in India and other neighboring countries such Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Asian Granito India Ltd

Asian Granito is India’s premium company manufacturing and supplying outdoor tiles, engineered marble, vitrified tiles, etc. It has become a leading brand within a short span of 22 years.

Cera Sanitaryware Limited

Cera Sanitaryware Limited is a brand that offers perfectly designed tiles and other home products. They use natural gas for imparting extra shining to their tiles. They provide products such as faucets, sanitary ware, kitchen sinks, wall tiles, floor tiles, etc.

Orient Bell

Orient Bell is yet another popular tile making brand in the Indian market. The company makes high quality designs with fabulous designs and the latest technology available in the industry.

Since their establishment in 1977, it has achieved superb growth in capturing the market segment for its products including floor tiles, wall tiles, elevation tiles, and roof tiles.

Simpolo Tiles

Simpolo Tiles has become a trustworthy brand since the establishment of the company in 1977. Their products are popular because of their fabulous displays and products made with high concept designing.

The company has established its position as one of the top 10 tiles manufacturing companies and oxygen plant manufacturers in India.

With superb range of products, it has established steady base of customers globally including in countries such as Thailand, Bangladesh, Turkey, UK, Germany, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Singapore, etc.

Grindwell Norton Ltd

Grindwell Norton Ltd is yet another well-known brand manufacturing and supplying high quality tiles and other products. Their products are available in all major cities of the country.

Besides, they export significant portion of their production to many countries like the USA, UK, Nepal, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, etc.

Nitco Limited

Nitco Limited is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of wall tiles, floors, marbles, mosaics, as well as metal crafts. It has installed production capacity of 18 MSM (Million Square Meter. They have opened offices in all major Indian cities.