Top Tips for Online Shopping to Avoid Scam

Finding a flashy product online, clicking the “purchase” button, and having the delivery delivered to your home may be much joy. But things sometimes work out better in these trades. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center received 1,300 reports about cyber theft each day on average in 2019, costing people and companies a combined $3.5 billion. These con artists can truly sap the fun out of buying. Check out our safety recommendations for online shopping to prevent being their most recent victim.

How to do Online Shopping in Dubai Securely?

Only Ever make Purchases via Secure Connections

Your bank information, passwords, and everything else you save on your computer or perform online are in danger of theft if it isn’t secured against potentially harmful malware.

Abstain from “Too Good to be True” Offerings

Any online retailer making outrageous pricing claims should raise suspicion.

If the price is too low, think about whether the seller obtained the goods legally, whether you will ever receive what you paid for, whether the goods are truly the brand advertised or a low-quality knockoff, and whether you will be able to return broken items, and whether the seller is making extra money by selling your financial information.

Shady Dubai store retailers may advertise an impossibly low price before tricking you into buying something else by claiming the item is out of stock. “Bait and switch” is the term used to describe this tactic.

Check for Deals and Promotions

Many online retailers provide rebates, which may help you save money. You normally put the promo code in the order form to get the discount. The entire cost of the acquisition is then reduced.

Spending a few minutes on Ookaaz before purchasing is worthwhile to see if any current deals can be found and bought here.

Safeguard your Personal Data

Take additional care while deciding what details to provide on a website. Give only the minimal information necessary to complete a transaction if you need more clarification. Be wary of strange phone calls or email inquiries requesting you to confirm account details. Online Shopping UAE store owners will never ask you for personal information related to your account, such as your passwords or date of birth, out of concern for your safety.

Use Caution While Purchasing through Applications

Everything is more convenient thanks to online shopping apps, even the theft of your data. Shop only from reputable websites like Ookaaz. Pay close attention to the permissions the program requests. Make sure you don’t give the app access to anything that doesn’t make sense, such as access to your contacts. Before installing an app, read the comments and ratings to look for unusual activities.

Set Locks on All Devices

Ensure security software is installed on every device you use to purchase. Always lock the screen of your computer or log out when you leave it, and always use a passcode to access your tablet or smartphone. Do not allow your computer or device to remember your usernames, passwords, or credit card details after entering a shopping or banking website. Be sure to properly check out the crucial aspects of online shopping in Dubai before leaving.

Online Review Research

You should still check out reputable review sites like Trustpilot, even if there have been more fraudulent reviews for online retailers. Watch out for evaluations that are excessively similar to one another or that use excessive verbiage.

Directly Enter the URL into the Address Bar

If you receive emails about online specials, don’t click on the links in the emails; instead, go to the websites of the specific shops by putting their URLs into the address bar of your browser. Doing so lets you know if the offered deal is real and safeguard you against phoney links.

Use a unique Email Address

Spam may be decreased by setting up an individual email account specifically for online buying. Additionally, separating all your online buying activity from your primary email account offers the benefit. Alternatively, you can hide your primary address using anonymous email forwarders.

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