Benefits of Online Coaching over Offline Classes

Cracking the dream examination for a permanent government job is a dream for almost all students. In this competitive era, students need to practice more and more for better results. As we are witnessing the closure of schools and colleges due to COVID, the students are losing a lot. Most of the syllabus is not covered which may pull them back in their dream exam. After facing this, the students opt for coaching classes. But the question arises whether they should choose online classes or offline classes. Here we are going to discuss some benefits of Online coaching over offline classes.

Offline Classes

There are a number of institutions that provide offline coaching for a number of government job examinations including SSC and UPSC. These institutions may be available in your locality. Therefore you can search for the best one accordingly and join them. Here you will get interactive classes with doubt clearing sessions directly from faculty.

The fee structure of these offline institutes is generally high and you may face a little problems regarding fees. Here you have to visit the institute on a daily basis to attend the classes.

Online Platforms

In this digital era, a number of online learning platforms are available in the industry that provides online coaching for various entrance exams. There are a lot of benefits of online coaching over offline classes which may be helpful in cracking your dream examination. Let’s have a look at the benefits of online coaching over offline classes.

1. Fee Structure

As we discussed earlier that the fees for offline institutes is high as compared to online platforms. Additionally you can save a lot of money which may be spent as transportation charges while going to an institute.

Various online platforms such as Unacademy, Byju, Gradeup, etc provide similar coaching at reasonable prices. These platforms also promote a referral system through which you can invite your friends to get exciting rewards. So, from a fees point of view online coaching is far better than joining any offline institute.

2. Saves time

When you visit an institute daily then you have to spend a lot of fare and time while traveling. This may interrupt your self studies and practice. Online coaching is a great option for those students whose location is far from the coaching centers. Simply you have to open the application and start attending the live as well as recorded classes.

3. Unlimited classes

This is the biggest benefit of using online coaching. Here you can access any subject class at any time. You can attend the live sessions where you can cover the syllabus and also watch pre recorded classes for your better practice. Thousands of pre-recorded lectures are available on these online study platforms.

On the other hand, in offline classes you have a limited time for the classes. Online platforms such as Unacademy, provides the notes in pdf format after each and every class. If you are preparing for board exams then you can find the best and reliable notes on Hindimestudy.

4. Weekly Quizzes

Weekly quizzes and mock tests are availableon both the platforms. Here you can participate in these tests to test your performance. These interactive tests boost the preparation and help you in achieving your dream. In case of online coaching you can participate in live tests as well as in the last tests also by using reatempt mode.

This will give you a brief idea about the completed tests. Additionally, online platforms provide you access to the previous year question papers for your better preparation.

5. Doubt clearing sessions

Whenever we study a subject, we may face some issues with the theory. On the online coaching platforms, doubt clearing sessions are provided on a regular basis which helps students to ask their queries directly to the educators. Such doubt clearing sessions are also available in Offline classes also.


In conclusion we would like to say that which platform is better for exam preparation, it totally depends on the situation. In case you live in a locality that is close to the education hubs, then offline coaching could be a great choice. On the other hand, if it takes hours of traveling to reach the coaching classes, then online coaching will help you in preparation and save a lot of money and time. So, we would recommend you to be a part of technology and subscribe to any online learning platform.