What are the necessary things I need to do after buying my new Home?

Every working professional or a businessman aspires to buy a house. It is true for every gender in our society. It is a belief that owning a home is a matter of pride and self-motivation strategy. Moreover, why pay Rs 15000 to Rs 20000 on rent every month than paying EMI equivalent or even less than that? After a lot of inner turmoil, prospective buyers decide to apply for a loan and buy a house. They assume that buying is the end of the formality. They can sit back and relax now. Well, buying a house is not the last step. In fact, from here, you need to take other five important steps that we will discuss in this blog. You will also gets answers to the questions, “Which documents need transfer?” “What is term plan insurance and how does it help in complementing home loan?” and other related questions.

Transfer of Property Related Documents

Soon after you buy a property and even before you step into the new house, something important to do is transferring essential property related documents under your name. The documents include electricity meter, water meter, property tax records, Khata, and EC. Each of these documents needs to transfer before it is too late. These documents are the identities of the property owner. If there is any certificate of society share, transfer that too. A deed of declaration helps you do that.

Get it Deep Cleaned

Deep cleaning a property is mandatory; especially when you buy a house that is not new. For that matter, even new houses need deep cleaning for the microscopic organisms that can be harmful to human dwelling. Be it old or newly built house, start cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, sink, water basin, and the floors. After you clean the crucial parts, move to the walls of the house. If too much cleaning is the need, appoint professionals.

Set-Up a Home Security System

A home security system is a necessary installation that you can’t miss. It is a protection that you can offer to the family or your valuables when you are not around. Such security system keeps burglars and thieves away as they know they won’t be far from the grip of police. Usually, new homes have security systems in place. If not, installing it is one of the first steps you need to take after buying a new home. It is advisable to install the system when the house is under construction. This prevents the completed house from further drills and holes. If there is not any, you can’t ignore this aspect.

Increasing the Term Cover as per New Home Loan

Home loan gives you the privilege of buying a new or old home. In short, it gives you the purchasing power of your self-owned property. What if the EMI lasts for twenty years and something unfortunate happens to the finance head of the family? Ever imagined a situation like this? It is a stress that can come as a burden on the family members. If you want your family to stay away from such worries in future, term plan insurance helps. If you already have one, you should consider increasing the cover depending on the EMI amount of the home loan. It is the backup plan for your dependents to live the life normally after thedeath of the home loan borrower or disability due to critical illness.

Insure Your Home

A home insurance works as a seal to your home condition. No matter what the house may suffer in future or what the condition is, your home insurance will cover your house. It is an important step to live your dream stress-free. Owning a home is a beautiful feeling; however, the burden of unfortunate events that a house can go through burdens your mind. Get rid of that emotional trauma by insuring your home.


The journey from procrastinating to deciding to researching and then finally buying a home is a lot more than you feel. You don’t feel the pain and time you invest because owning a house compensates for all other feelings. Don’t be content after buying a home. Steps after buying a house is equally important and unavoidable. I am sure the above tips help you in making the process easy for you.

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