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Bollywood is now filled with so many gorgeous actresses that will blow your eyes. Beneath their flawlessly beautiful physical appearance, they might hide mind-blowing facts I bet you never knew before. If you try to make a list of the most beautiful actresses in Bollywood, you should never miss out Shruti Hassan from the top. Not only that we are stunned by her flawless beauty, Shruti Hassan has shocked the world with her great talents and successful acting career in Bollywood. In below read more about your Favorite Star & look at some of Shruti Hassan hot HD Photos.

Shruti Rajalakshmi Hassan was in India about 29 nine years ago. She came from an actor family and with Kamal Hassan as her father, it is quite obvious to see that the acting capability runs in her blood. This Bollywood actress has shown her multiple talents in the industry. Beside being a very popular Bollywood movies actress, Shruti Hassan is also known as a successful singer and musician. These qualities are rarely found in many other Bollywood beautiful actresses and they have made her very special.


She started her entertainment career when she was a child. She made her appearance in Benki Shivanna as she received a guest role for that film. Hassan also contributed in some other films as she took part in the singing part. In 2009, she made her acting debut as an adult through an action drama called Luck. Her roles in a number of successful movies like Anaganaga O Cheerudu, Telugu, 7aum Arivu and Oh My Friend have won critical acclaim. Her acting quality is frequently showcased as she starred many other Bollywood movies like a Telugu remake of Dabangg, Gabbar Songh, Rmayya Vasthavayya, Race Gurram, Yevadu and Balupu. Her father played an important role in the forming of her music career. She also managed to come up with her own band and album just to show how talented she can be in the Indian music industry.

Some Surprising Facts About Shruti Hassan


That would be common information about this gorgeous Bollywood actress. As a big fan of Shruti Hassan, there is nothing surprising in the above paragraphs. This time, let us reveal a number of hidden facts about Shruti Hassan that might blow your mind.

Shruti Hassan has shown the world that she is a beautiful actress with multiple talents. Her flawless physical appearance has played some part in making her a beautiful hot model and popular actress. In addition to that, Shruti Hassan turns out to be a great singer and highly competent music composer.

Singing Debut as A 5 Year Old Girl

She was less than 5 years old when whe made her debut in singing. She sang with her father in the film Chachi 420. At such a young age, Shruti Hassan barely knew what se was doing and its significance.

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Managed to Earn Professional Degree in Music

Shruti Kamal Hassan started her education at Abacus in Chennai. After ten years of studying there, She moved to Mumbai to take a psychology degree at St Andrew’s College. Just because she came from a family of experienced actor and musician, that did not stop her from trying to get a professional degree in music in the United States. She managed to earn that degree from a reputed music college in California.


A Fine Rock Band Vocalist

Beneath her beautiful and soft appearance as a Bollywood actress, Shruti Hassan has shown her other side by singing for her rock band. She has done a great job in this field as she always does in other fields. Shruti Hassan is a competent vocalist for The Extramentals. She also explores her voice qualities by singing some pop and rock jazz genres.


A Huge Fan of Shoes

Shruti Hassan must have been very busy running her life as a Bollywood actress, singer, music composer and a rock band vocalist. Beneath all that, she is nothing more than a beautiful female with a strong obsession for wearing gorgeous shoes in every occasion of her life. She loves almost all types of women shoes and her collection is now filled with more than 100 pair of shoes. This beautiful obsession is clearly seen when she make her public appearances.


Shruti Hassan’s Favorite Brands

As a beautiful Bollywood celebrity, she certainly loves to wear fashionable outfits for every public appearance and other functions. It is quite often that we see her in Aldo and Guess fine outfits. When it comes to her favorite cosmetics, Benefit and Mac are on the top of the list.

Her Cameo Appearances

Shruti Hassan made her cameo appearance in a popular film called Hey Ram. In that cameo, she played the role of the Vallabhbhai Patel’s daughter. This successful movie has been translated into eight different languages beside Tamil.


Shruti Hassan and Her Controversies

It is quite hard to find a successful actor or actress that has no controversial cases. Shruti Hassan is now at the peak of her popularity and it shouldn’t too surprising to see plenty of controversies addressed to her.


Her controversial stories are now becoming a hot topic in a number of media. Some media strongly believes that Shruti Hassan had a live-in relationship with Siddharth. What makes this gossip more mind-blowing is that they believe Shruti Hassan and Siddharth lived under the same roof.

Since the career of this beautiful actress seems to develop even more in the future, there must be more controversies attached to her as a person. One thing for sure, any story related to Shruti Hassan will draw enormous attention.