Watch Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat is now Available for you on ZEE5

Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat is one of the award-winning shows that is being featured with ZEE5. You can watch the latest updates of the episodes of the show at the Zee5. You can even watch the episodes at your convenient time and place through the Zee5 powered app. The Trailer of this show makes people attracted to the powered application. The casting of the show introduces to the very own Ram Kapoor as (Karan Khanna), The super gorgeous Sakshi Tanwar as Tripurasundarai Nagarajan. Other casts remaining Hiten Tejwani as Ved and Karishma Tanna stars as CEO of a giant production house in the leading roles of the web series.

People are attracted to web series comparatively when it is about staying back at home in the current situation of the COVID-19 Corona attack. In fact, ZEE5 are taking a great initiative to bring forward the latest episodes of Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat. The season is mixed with flawed relationships, mixed with a bit of suspense and also lurking end. The wonderful casting of the characters throughout the series lets you lost in nostalgia. Besides the stellar cast, this season has proved worthy enough to watch with the romantic moments. Stay connected to the ZEE5 to catch the new shoes and episodes.

The previous two seasons had seen strikingly contrasts of characters getting married to each other overcoming the trials and troubles. The storyline beats in a romantic mood. The superstar Karan Khanna (Ram Kapoor) gets married to Doctor Tripurasundari Nagarjuna (Sakshi Tanwar) after beating the odds and flaws in their relationship. You can sit back on your relaxing couch and enjoy the episodes at ZEE5 Exclusives is streaming of the shows are available anytime. This continues and cut to season 3, both the characters have parted away from one another based on suspicion and web of misunderstanding.

Khanna and Nagarjuna have become swore enemies as a misunderstanding, wrong misconceptions and suspicion have covered their sky of romance. Karan Khanna has now become heartless, brutal, and once more alcoholic. Brewing with animosity, romantic moments of the pasts are being flashed at the back in the sepia style of photography. In such moments of anguish, Hiten Tejwani (casting as Ved) makes an entry into the life of Tipsy aka Tripurasundari (Sakshi Tanwar) Ved is a lawyer by his profession and he stays with Tipsy in the same house although in separate rooms. A gamut of emotion unfolds after this.

Due to some mistakes made by Ved and combined with destiny, Tipsy and Khanna meet again. As luck would have it, the happenstance makes the couple stay together but will it be for a short span or forever? To know about the latest updates, you must stay tuned to ZEE5 also for varied experiences. In between, Ved falls in love with Tripurasundari as it is India and here never a boy and a girl can just be friends. This is indeed a comforting show at every level. Mixed less with romance but with events of ups and downs, this show is expected to reach its height of appreciation among the viewers.

The web series needs to acknowledge certain truths but definitely, the feel of the show is real from all ends. The audience demands a more realistic and cathartic feel from the series. Due to this suspense, the actual story unfolds after the completion of the sixth episode. It is voted by people that the last two seasons were greatly crafted but the third session although seems obscure yet has lights of the same feel that the last two seasons has brought up.