6 key Steps to make an impressive Presentation – Did you follow them?

A dull presentation will only lead to a distracted audience that you’ll often find yawning, constantly making best efforts to stay connected. We are sure no ones wants to be ‘the one with the boring presentation’, and instead, all of us want our ideas/research gets delivered righteously.

To relief, there is a set pattern following which you can create an impressive presentation that’ll keep the onlookers glued and your bosses impressed. It doesn’t matter how informative your presentation is, not paying heed to these steps can be the reason for your plan/ research not getting acknowledged.

Here is a 6 step formula to create an excellent presentation making sure your efforts are praised and strike the right code with clients/superior.

Step 1 – Research the Topics

The first step towards creating any presentation is understating and researching the topic well. It’s when you are fully aware of the subject; you’ll able to design schemes that’ll benefit the client. Also, researching the topic will give you a better idea about – the competitors, know what they are doing, what’s in trend and what all you can implement.

Once the reach work is complete, it’s time to catch hold of quantitative data and facts that can support your presentation and build clients’ confidence. It doesn’t matter whether you are proposing a new idea to raise funds or creating a monthly report for your firm – data plays a big role.

Step 2 – Do some Homework with the Data

Things don’t end with just jolting numbers on a slide; it’s your job to make ends meet. Derive sense out of the data and show how they are relatable and what we can learn from them. Show how your idea or plan is not just a creative thought but is backed by a reliable data analysis.

Step 4 – Quote Examples and Case Studies

You can easily catch everyone’s attention with a real life case study or example. They by nature are compelling. You can prove your point as well as add credibility to all your assumption with examples. This step is my personal best!

Step 5 – Design and Format Well

Take a break from the usual course and try your hand on some of the legit, creative tools that can help you big time creating an impression. The online tools will bring a fresh breeze to your presentation by way of unique layouts, designs, and lots creative freedom. You can choose from plenty of free tools such as Canva’s presentation software or Prezi – my two favorite tools. Along with using modern tools, it’s equally important not to get overboard or excited and choose a design scheme in sync with the nature of the topic. For example, if you are working sales or marketing report, dealing with a lot of numbers and data then it would be best to go for a simple layout with a hint of creativity (bold colors and highlighted font styling) to keep the client engaged.

Step 6 – Take Feedbacks

Before the D-day of your presentation, it’s a good idea to discuss it with friends and colleagues. This will have a two-way benefit – first, you get to know whether or not it’s engaging and secondly, while explaining the slides you might catch hold of some typos or feel the need to add or remove a slide or two. Between if you have used tools to create presentation such as Canva. You can share your presentation on email or whatsapp & make changes from your mobile with their presentation app.

That’s all; you need to know and follow to create an excellent presentation. Just remember to stick to the point and deliver relatable information uniquely and engagingly.