Karaoke to Early 70s 5 themes for a Superb Yacht Party

Yacht parties are always the one to be the most happening and enjoyable. It doesn’t matter if you have a special occasion or you just need to spend some good time with your loved ones, a yacht party will never disappoint you. However, to make any event interesting and worthy to attend you have to make it colorful adding some flavor of fun and style. Therefore, many yacht parties are thrown with a specific theme to involve the guest more into the fun vibe. A yacht party without a theme is always incomplete. Choose a theme and tell your guest to dress up accordingly! After all, it is always more fun to get dressed for the purpose to have fun. It will surely add more charm and colors in your party.

Since the best yacht parties are being arranged by various yacht rental Dubai companies, therefore you can use some inspiration from them. The best thing would be to have your theme yacht party in Dubai, as Dubai is famous for its amazing yacht rental industry and services.

Choosing a theme may sound easy but it’s not really is. You cannot just pick one blindly and send in invitations announcing it for your guest. You have to consider many things before making the decision such as the nature of your guest, the time of the day, weather and safety as well. So to help you out in choosing the perfect theme here are some ideas for your yacht party.

Pirate theme

Sail through the ocean to enjoy with your own pirates of the Caribbean. You can tell your guest to dress up as the famous and witty Jack Sparrow or captain hook.

Early 70’s or 80’s Theme

Period costumes are simply beautiful and stunning. Dress up in elegant 1920s or colourful 1960s style for an extraordinary “historical” party on board a yacht. This will not only make your guest excited for the party but also for dressing up uniquely and experimenting with their fashion styles. And imagine the fun to click photos in all those beautiful costumes. Perfect occasion for social media stars right?

Hollywood Theme

What is better than being dressed as a cool character of a Hollywood movie on a beautiful ship like Virgo cruise? Dress to the nines like the world’s rich and famous and live your cinema dream in the middle of the breath-taking ocean.

Romantic Theme

If it’s an occasion of wedding anniversary or engagement party then you should have a Theme to reflect romance in the air. Maybe you can include dancing on the romantic melody of soft music. For a party like this, the time of sunset is the best.

Karaoke Theme

Give a chance to the inside singer and enjoy live singing of your loved ones by arranging a karaoke on your yacht party. Let your guest sing their heart out to make the party memorable.