What are the top Hollywood Attractions you must need to Watch?

Mention Hollywood to anyone around the world and what comes to mind is movies. We all know that Hollywood is where blockbusters are made. In Hollywood there are plenty of Hollywood Attractions for visitors.

But what is Hollywood really?

While the term Hollywood is mostly taken to refer to the mega movie industry in the US, it’s also a physical place. It’s one of the neighborhoods of Los Angeles, California, and boasts some of the most popular attractions in the world.

If Tinseltown is your next destination, here are some of the attractions you can’t afford to pass:

1. Visit the Hollywood Sign

It’d be a bummer if you left Hollywood without getting up close and personal with the iconic Hollywood Sign. While you can see the sign from a vast distance, it probably won’t feel the same as hiking up the trails of Mount Hollywood for a better and more stunning view of the sign.

You’ve probably seen a photo of someone hanging onto one of the sign’s letters. Well, that was likely photoshopped as it’s illegal to get too close to the landmark.

However, if you set out from Griffith Park, taking on one of the short trails up the mountain, you’d be able to take photos from good vantage points.

2. Get a Studio Tour

How can you visit Hollywood and not see for yourself how movies are made?

Considering you’ll be in the home of mega-production houses, take the opportunity to go behind the scenes in one of them.

Now, it can’t get any bigger than Paramount Pictures, and the best part is, they offer studio tours.

You’ll get to experience the rich history of Paramount Studios, over a century of moviemaking, and all for less than 100 bucks. You’ll get to explore filming locations, and if you’re lucky enough, catch a glimpse of some top talents in the industry.

3. Check Out the Dolby Theater

You see, the beauty of Hollywood is that there are always options. Now, the Chinese Theater is a tourist magnet, but it’s not the only one. Not a minute away is the magnificent Dolby Theater.

The venue opened its doors in 2001 and has since become one of the best places to watch star-studded live performances.

Usually, the theater offers guided tours if you want to immerse yourself into the elegance of the Home of the Academy Awards. You likely won’t see exclusive spots unless you take a tour, though.

4. Try Madame Tussauds

In 1835, Marie Tussaud finally established an exhibition in London for her wax figures. Today, the wax museum, Madame Tussauds, is one of the most popular tourist attractions with over 20 locations worldwide.

If you love art history, or you just want to see life-like wax statues of A-list movie stars, stop at Madame Tussauds on your Hollywood tour.

The museum is located in the same area as other popular sites like the Chinese Theater or the Walk of Fame. So, if you’re pressed for time, easily visit several of these attractions on the same day.

There’s also another wax museum at Hollywood Boulevard known simply as Hollywood Wax Museum. It mainly features wax figures of famous film stars, unlike Madame Tussauds, which is more historical. So basically, you’re spoiled for choice. This is one of the major among several Hollywood Attractions.

5. The Whitley Heights one among the top Hollywood Attractions

For history enthusiasts, Whitley Heights would make for a memorable experience. The neighborhood is recognized as a preservation zone and boasts a century-old architecture.

The neighborhood, nestled in a hillside overlooking the glamors of Tinseltown, mimics sunkissed Mediterranean styles of the 19th Century.

Back in the day, Whitley Heights was home for notable individuals, one of the earliest celebrity locales in the country.

If you would love to experience that posh-1920s-Hollywood-suburb feeling, make your way up the winding streets of the preservation zone.


If Hollywood is on your bucket list, plan like a pro because there is a lot to see. You’ll probably run out of money or time before you cross everything on your checklist. It’d also help to consider possible drawbacks and how to handle problems on the trip. Los Angeles is super popular, receiving millions of visitors a year for its sunny beaches and pretty climate. Throw in the Hollywood glitz, and it’s clear why traffic is terrible.

Car accidents and driver negligence are not uncommon. If you get into a road accident, reach out to a personal injury law firm for assistance.