Know the Advantages of using an Electronic Logbook

For some time now, fleet drivers in America and other parts of the world have been witnessing business and safety-based debates against and for the use of electronic logbook devices. ELDs, or electronic logging devices, are tools that record drivers’ time of service through digital means. Through a series of configurations, an electronic logbook device can recognize when a driver initiates and ends a journey. The device also records time among other insightful details.

What you need to Know about ELDs?

The electronic logbook device is likely to feature a mobile gadget within a vehicle to relay useful data to the driver. The system transmits HoS (hours of service) information in real-time to a cloud-based rig for accessibility by fleet managers and dispatchers. It assists in eradicating the need to utilize paper logs for hours of service. An excellent electronic logbook device does more than help verify the law compliance for the currently regulated Electronic Logging Device mandate. Below is a list of the top advantages of using this system as a fleet owner.

An Electronic Logbook Devices Provide Safety

Debates concerning safety have been numerous. However, it is a significant advantage linked to electronic logbook devices. Since part of the principal reasons for the ELD mandate is to assist truck drivers in achieving adequate sleep and develop better resting habits, this tech assists in lowering drowsy driving cases.

The System Helps Earn more Money

Another benefit that is hard to ignore is the amount of money fleet owners get to save by avoiding inconveniences such as traffic tickets, vehicle accidents, and liability claims, among others. An electronic logbook device will also come in handy if a client is willing to pay incentives for exceptional performance.

It Assists in Quick Inspections

Numerous firms such as EyeRide make it easy for fleet owners to access such technology to improve the industry’s performance. Inspections are some of the most hectic processes for drivers and fleet owners. Nonetheless, with an Eyeride electronic logbook device, drivers can cut down the duration spent for inspection. It also helps keep the drivers calm and relaxed, keeping them in a good mood. As long as your staff has a smooth working environment, they will always deliver excellent results.

Develop your Skills

Electronic logging devices can come in handy if you want to boost your drivers’ skills. A reliable electronic logbook device rig keeps track of time spent on the road and useful performance components. The information can assist drivers to enhance their skills and sustain excellent performances while behind the wheel. The data also comes in handy when a driver seeks a job with a different transport agency.

An Electronic Logbook Device Offers Legal Protection

When a driver is involved in an accident, you will find your electronic logbook device useful. If the driver is not responsible for the incident, an ELD can prove their innocence and keep their record clean. Since the system also keeps drivers safe on the road, it helps to avoid missing logbooks and multiple violations.


Many fleet owners have a challenging time building fruitful relationships with drivers. However, tech innovations such as an electronic logbook device play huge roles in improving communication between staff. From the list of benefits above, it’s easy to tell that ELDs help enhance fleet drivers’ working conditions, making them more productive and secure.