Most Important Interior parts of Car Names

Before renovating your car, you need to know the names of the different interior parts. After that we will talk about the best car interior accessories in India. We drive a car from the interior and that’s why it is important for us to know a thing or two about it.

Car interior parts

There are two ways to look at a car. One is from the interior point of view and another is the exterior. What people see from outside i.e., any passerby or fellow rider sees the exterior of our car.

And we, the people who are driving and co-passengers who are inside the car see the interior. For people who drive shorter distances, the interior may not play a huge role but for people who go on long tours, the interior of the car is like a second home.

We need to decorate our second home as well as keep it clean. After knowing the interior parts name, we will discuss these.

List of car interior parts

Steering wheel

Steering wheel is probably the most important interior part. One may argue that a gearbox is equally necessary but for automatic cars, one can drive if it is in drive mode. But if your steering wheel doesn’t work (is not present) then you will not be able to go anywhere.

Let me elaborate this part. Steering wheel steers the car, that is, it controls the front wheels. When you rotate the steering wheel clockwise then the car steers towards the right. When you rotate the steering wheel anti clockwise then the car will steer towards the left. If you are a new driver or beginner, this tip will help you a great deal. Steering wheel has a return property. That is, if you have rotated the steering wheel then it can return back to the center. Just loosen the grip and it will come back to the center and you don’t need to rotate it back.

The accessories you can use on this part is the steering wheel cover. We can install any bling colored cover to give it an aesthetic value. You can install a leather steering wheel cover and these feel great.

Driving aids

Speedometer and fuel gauge

In many cars, the fuel gauge and the speedometer are situated just behind the steering wheel. Speedometer shows the real time speed or the instantaneous speed of your car. Fuel gauge shows the quantity of fuel present inside the fuel tank.

Turn signal indicator

Along with the speedometer and fuel gauge console, turn signal arrows are also present. In the console are two arrows indicating left and right and whichever we turn on, glows.

AC vents

AC vents are the windows from which AC air comes out. Sometimes, in old cars or buses, this works as an air ventilation tool in vehicles which don’t have an AC. You should dust off AC vents for proper functioning of the AC.

AC vents are adjustable and you can change the direction of airflow.


Rear view mirror

Rear view mirror is a single mirror present at the center of the car’s cabin in the front part above the dashboard. This mirror helps to see the road behind the car so that you can see any approaching car.

Side view mirrors

Side-view mirrors are not completely the interior part but as we need to see it from the interior and is useful only when you are inside the car so we are counting it.

These mirrors are present at the left and right side of the car which helps the driver to see the left rear view and right respectively.

Entertainment System

Infotainment System

Infotainment system is available in modern day cars. It is a touchscreen device which shows various information about the car and we can control many things through it. It doubles up as the car audio system.

In many expensive cars, this system has a GPS system and map navigation. You need to set the places you want to go and with the help of GPS, it will guide you. It has Android auto and apple car play to connect with your smartphone.

In old cars, an infotainment system is not found and they have an audio system with DVD or CD player and FM radio. There is no touchscreen either.


Emergency flashers

Emergency flashers are buttons with a triangle symbol on it. This button activates the hazard lights. Hazard lights are basically blinking of both the turn signal lamps. When someone has stopped due to an emergency, this system is activated.

This can alert the approaching drivers of an emergency situation ahead or that you are coming to a halt.


Glovebox or Storage Compartments

Glove box got its name from its original purpose. In earlier times, driving gloves were considered necessary and so, when getting off the car, a place to store these were necessary and this storage compartment was made near the driver in the front cabin.

Nowadays it is used for many purposes as driving gloves are no more in use today. Today, it is used for storing water bottles or food items or documents. In luxury cars, a cooled glove box is a feature. That is, the glove boxes in these cars are air conditioned.


Air bags

Well airbags can’t be seen in normal conditions and may God bless us that we never have to face a condition when these have to come out. Airbags are safety measures that come out when a car is crashed.

These are situated on the steering wheel, on the co-passenger side dashboard and rear cabin too. The more expensive a car, the more its airbags will be. Cheap cars sometimes don’t even have an airbag. This is too dangerous.

Whenever airbag sensors sense that the car has crashed, it activates the airbags. There is a rush of air and the airbags pop out. These will protect us from colliding with hard surfaces of the car.

These were some of the most important interior parts which you should know about your car. You can buy many more from online sites for car accessories and we have a lot of accessories.