When to Call Truck Accidents Lawyers? – Truck Accidents

Although the invention of more superior means of transport is on the rise, truck transportation keeps thriving as it’s considered the most suitable means of moving goods around. In fact, 70% of the total products in the U.S get to their destinations via trucks. Accident victims end up with life-threatening injuries and other associated challenges. Fortunately, they can call truck accidents lawyers for professional representation and equitable compensation.

According to Policy Advice, truck accidents will rank among the top 5 causes of death in the U.S by 2030. Still, most people depend on trucks for their livelihood hence, it would be prudent to get more insights on common causes of truck accidents and resulting statistics, and how to improve the current scenario.

Causes of Trucks Accidents

According to WHO, the common causes of accidents include:

Poor Road Infrastructure, Inefficient Traffic Laws, Careless Driving and Unqualified Drivers.

Besides the general causes of road accidents, the top causes of truck accidents include:

Driver Fatigue

Being a truck driver is a highly stressful job, and it comes with a lot of pressure because logistic companies require the drivers to deliver goods in short durations of time. This means the driver will be driving long distances with minimal rest breaks. At times, cover very long distances without sleeping which interferes with their concentration, judgement, and coordination. The Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration provides a summary of hours of service regulations to be observed by truck drivers.

Distracted Driving

This is where the attention of a truck driver is diverted away from driving. Realistically speaking, driving over long distances may end up being boring, especially in remote areas where even a good radio signal is hard to come by. Such boredom may force a trucker to look for other ways of entertainment such as texting, browsing the internet, or watching movies from their mobile devices. When the driver’s attention is distracted, the chances of a disaster increase. According to NHTSA, 10% of fatal accidents in 2015 were caused by distracted driving.

Driving Under Influence (DUI)

Using drugs such as amphetamines and coke is common with truckers. The drugs stimulate the body hence, keeping the driver awake. A recent study showed that 30% of truckers took stimulating drugs, 20% used marijuana, and 3% took coke while at work. Although the drugs keep truckers awake, other risky habits like over speeding, careless overtaking are likely to crop up.

Over Speeding and Overtaking

Truckers have limited time to make deliveries at times forcing them to make risky maneuvers such as over speeding, swerving, and overtaking carelessly. Such road behaviors make the perfect ingredients for road carnage.

Poor Cargo Loading

Loading should adhere to certain guidelines with consideration to cargo height, weight, et al. Hazardous cargo calls for more specialized handling. Unfortunately, mistakes still happen as man is to error. Heavy loads often fall while on transit, leading to catastrophic injuries. The best part is that one can consult Truck Accidents Lawyers in Alaska for legal help, in case of a truck accident.

Common Truck Accident injuries

The body parts that are highly susceptible to injuries in the event of accidents include:

Back and Neck

The back and neck are made up of fragile joints, bones, ligaments, and blood tissues that may be injured on impact. Additionally, Whiplash may occur due to sudden jerking of the head or neck. Symptoms may not manifest immediately but pain may be felt hours or a few days following the injury.

Spine Injuries

Spine injuries may cause temporal, partial, or permanent paralysis of the affected part of your body, commonly the lower body or the torso. The nervous system facilitates communication between the brain and other organs of your body, meaning any disruption may likely result in disability.

Head/Brain Injury

This may range from minor bruises to concussions which may heal after a short time. However, traumatic head and brain injuries may have permanent effects when not addressed immediately.


High impacts resulting from truck accidents may injure various body parts severely, leading to amputation. In such scenarios, you may need adaptive devices such as prosthetics to help you cope with your daily routine.

Internal Injuries

Although you may be fortunate to avoid serious injuries, you may get internal injuries like broken ribs, spleen, kidney, and other internal organs. The worst part is that you may fail to notice hence, going for thorough body check up in the event of an accident is highly recommended.

What Should you do after a Truck Accident?

Seeking medical aid should be the first thing in the event of a truck accident. Unfortunately, medical bills will start arriving, and that’s why contacting Truck Accidents Lawyers may be your next best course of action. A competent personal injury lawyer provides legal representation and ensures the liable parties are held accountable and that you are fully compensated. With the right representation, you move closer to full recovery-physically, emotionally, and financially.