Office Design Tips to Create a Cozy Working Environment for Employees

Most employers nowadays look into ways of creating a satisfied workforce. Big corporations are facing a risk at employees being lost within a great chain of hierarchy and a feeling of detachment. One of the ways to escape all this is to create an office where people can feel pleasant and comfortable. There are a couple of things which can be done to ensure this happens.

Be tidy

This refers to the entire office. People can only feel right within their own mess but a stranger’s mess can make them feel anxious and suffocated. Declutter the office and make sure everything is in its place. Ensure that each worker has enough drawers to keep their desk clean and encourage them to put things away properly at the end of the day. If your office space is small, get rid of some furniture. Use wall and suspended shelves instead of cupboards and filing cabinets, free up some space.

Increase visibility

As there is no fog in your office, visibility depends purely on the illumination. Sure, we all like to keep our blinds down occasionally and watch a movie or relax, but only when we go out in daylight is when we feel the energy to do things. Try to make your office as bright as possible. Depending on the size of your windows, most of the light should be daylight. Add all sorts of lights, table lamps, and decorative lights whatever you can do to make sure that even those workers who are sitting the furthest away from a window think that it is a sunny day outside.

Open up for better Communication

The daylight brings me to my next point. As you have decluttered your space and got rid of unnecessary furniture, knock down some walls and loose the extra boundaries between the people. It will increase the feeling of belonging and let the energy flow. People will feel more invited to ask questions, brainstorm and generally communicate with each other. If you still need some private space on occasions, you can have the glass walls with blinds or you can use window tinting. Tint Professionals window tinting experts advise there are different techniques which can be used to achieve different effects.

Paint it black – not!

If colors didn’t matter, we would still use black and white TVs. Colors bring emotions to our lives. If you want, use the psychology of colors when painting your office. If not, use the colors as you please, as long as they are not too distracting. Bring excitement to your warm-colored office by the use of accent colors on walls, furniture, and decorative items. The recognizable colors can help you increase the corporate spirit if you use them as a theme throughout the office.

Are you Comfortable?

People would not ask you this if they did not think it was important. Of course, you need to be comfortable in order to focus and in order to relax. Create a cozy communal area for people to relax and eat lunch or simply walk away from their stations when they need to recharge. Think of ergonomics for those of your workers who need to spend most of their day at a desk. A proper circulation flow will spread the right amount of oxygen throughout a body and enable your workers to stay focused. Choosing the right furniture is much more than aesthetics.

Make it homey to make it cozy

You can never feel at home unless you are surrounded by your stuff. Allow your workers to personalize their stations. Have each section agree on a theme for their communal areas or meeting rooms. Perhaps having a wall with photos from the latest team building activity may be a good idea. Let them bring mugs from home or let them each have their own mug by printing their names or pictures on them. Let them bring their own plants. Some offices even opt for adopting pets as animals seem to help people relax and relieve bad energy.

The ways are various. They depend on the size and minds of your team of individuals. Listen to them, listen to yourself and take into consideration whatever piece of advice you come across. I certainly hope mine helps.

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